Spending Restrictions In Spain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maninblack, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    It seems that the parlous state of the economy in Spain is leading to further restrictions on liberties in parts of the country.

    I was told by my cousin, who runs a business in Menorca, that locals have been told that they cannot spend money on non-essentials such as building maintenance without permission from the local government. This appears to be being enforced.

    This month a UK citizen, a friend of my cousin who lives in a property near Mercadal, was fined 300 Euros for painting his garden wall without a permit.

    So, when will Spain decide to seize bank accounts?
  2. If I were an Ex-Pat in Spain I'd be seriously looking at shifting my cash pronto. I would have thought that the Government would be encouraging spending to re-energise the economy, but then what do I know.
  3. Spain is next to do a Cyprus.
  4. Would 'doing a Cyprus' be dependent on Spanish banks having cash deposits to purge? If so, then the Spanish Government may be trying to keep the euros in the banks by encouraging austerity in preparation for a piggy bank shake.
  5. What a load of toss. It's always been against Spanish community rules to make alterations to the outside of a building without either a permit or permission from the community board. Maintenance doesn't come into it, alterations such as extensions do. There are also strict rules, and always have been, about colours having to blend in with the community ambience and these are laid down in the so-called horizontal laws governing a community. If the friend of your cousin was fined it was probably for painting the outside walls bright pink when all the others are cream or whatever. **** all to do with the state of the economy. The law also governs the siting of satellite dishes, aircon units, permanent structures like pergolas etc. Always has done. Sounds like another expat moving over here and not bothering to read the community rules, which are provided in every house and are posted in all communal areas, and then whinging when breaking them.
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  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    All very well but he was fined for painting a previously white wall with a new coat of white.
  7. The expats who can have been busy offshoring their deposits.
  8. Unless Menorca is a special case, I call a wah! That would mean virtually everyone where I live being fined due to the shitty desert sand in the rain here covering everything with a red dust meaning walls and balustrades being painted on a regular basis. It would also mean the Kingfisher group, Leroy Merlin and all the other brico shops around going out of business as no-one would buy their paint and building materials.
  9. IIRC, the assorted Spanish islands are semi autonomous governments.
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    If one keeps any money apart to cover monthly expenses in any bank in one of the pigs you're an idiot.
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  11. All the regions in Spain are autonomous with their own governments. Don't think these would get involved in painting walls etc. These are local council matters.
    And, yes, Spain is in trouble. Same as most countries in Europe at the moment including UK. If anyonehas more than the equivalent of €100, 000 they shouldn't keep it in any single bank and that also includes UK.
    New rules here, designed to catch Spaniards keeping money out of the country, means you have to declare any assets (bank accounts, property, bonds etc) over the value of €50, 000. Unfortunately it's catching out expats as they would be more likely to have property or savings accounts in a different country. None of these are taxable (yet) but it's a way of checking if tax is being correctly paid. They are also clamping down on renting your holiday home without declaring it, which many expats do (and are stupid enough to boast about it). Renting for more than 3 months a year now requires a license with safety certificates etc plus proof you are declaring the money for tax purposes.
    But, even with 25% unemployment, life goes on. The shops are busy, hotel bookings are up and you still need to book to get a table in a decent restaurant. There are, however, more beggars around and not the Romanian types like in UK or France etc. These are decent looking, middle aged and well kempt Spaniards. Food banks are springing up everywhere and all the supermarkets have collection points. The Spanish don't trust governments or banks, a bit like the Greeks. It is now illegal to pay cash for anything over €2, 000 from a tradesman which they aren't happy about as they could often get away without paying VAT. Houses used to be bought with a cash deposit and a lower purchase priced paid to avoid taxes. Now, if they think the price you paid is too low, the taxman will charge you an extra 4% of the cost and it's up to you to challenge it.
    Still love it here, though. Cost of living is cheap, it's been above 20C virtually every day this winter and most of the locals are still friendly and chatty. And, no, I don't keep loads in my bank account here.