Spending cuts begin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. £2bn of cuts to unfunded spend but another £8.5Bn "suspended" pending further review. Of particular note:

    Ministry Of Defence

    "Successor Deterrent Extension to Concept Phase Long Lead Items £66m

    Search and Rescue Helicopters £4,676m

    Successor Deterrent Extension to Concept Phase Long Lead Items will be reviewed as part of the broader Trident value for money review, which will report in the coming weeks. Search and Rescue Helicopters will be reviewed as a matter of urgency."

  2. out of interest, why does search and rescue come from the MOD's pot of wealth? why is is not something paid for by the coastguard, i realise that the money comes from the same pot so to speak. however is it something that the mod could offload to make savings???
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    So, by a process of ruthless elimination - it appears that FRES is safe (for the time being....)
  4. If memory serves, the project was a joint venture between ourselves and Dept of Transport (who oversee the Maritime & Coastguard Agency). The intention was to run it as a PFI with Sikorsky, where the helicopters would be owned & operated by the contractor, but using military aircrew for part of the service.

    As PFIs are currently out of favour, that's probably the reason for the suspension whilst we look at other options - though that's just my guess.
  5. The coastguard alreadyshare SAR with the MoD and PFIs are underway to bring the effeciencies of the private sector to the whole enterprise :)

    The Millitary need to be able to provide Combat Search & Rescue to recover aircrew, SF, lost troops etc. providing it to Civ Pop is useful training & good PR.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    That time being 22 June?
  7. FRES is by no means safe, the contract for ASCOD2 hasn't been signed and is almost certain to be dropped, GD are still making noises about their FRES 8x8 (piranha V) but BAe have come out with 2 vehicles in the last few months which are much better suited to current wheeled needs (RG35, and the just revealed, and rather sexy looking RG41).

    Anyway, what kind of idiot replaces a heliportable line of scout vehicles with ones you can't even shift in a Herc.
  8. If the heavy stuff is being cut anyway, why not just do the warrior update and nothing else. They appear to be the same size and weight anyway!
  9. Excellent use of parenthasis
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Poor use of spelling
  11. I guess the bold bit is sarcasm having worked with JIT (just in time)which ends up as NOT (not on time) :p

  12. Ah, Just In Time, that was a great notion, well except when you had 100% spares that then needed replacing after the job failed test, then had to hunt to find spares (and ending up robbing other jobs), or if an component were in different mod states, or if there was any poor quality items, etc, etc, etc.

    To be honest, there could be cuts without causing too many problems and of course there will be cuts, but lets just hope that for once when we look to the private sector, we don't just end up giving them carte blanche to write the requirement or letting them become the contractor, auditor and authoriser for all projects, because that always ends messy (well except for the company and its shareholders).
  13. Heard today that anything with "contingent" in the job description is up for the chop. This isn't a defence review it is a slaughter.
  14. Ah well, at least its nice to know why we are making cuts.

    To fund this.


    "The Government has made clear that the international development budget will increase – to 0.7%.........."
  15. A bloke I know provides student accommodation to Universities via PFI. He has gone from not having a pot to piss in to rolling in incredible amounts of dosh in a very short period of time. Efficiencies of the private sector my arrse. It's just about running it properly, public or private sector.

    And yes, before anybody accuses me of jealousy, I would love to have that kind of money. Who knows, maybe one day. :D