Spendaholics? What a cnut!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. No, he speaks arrant good sense and has a pleasant mien

  2. Yes. The dullard is duller than dull. Can we kill him now?

  1. [​IMG]

    Look, that is Benjamin Fry. He is a complete and utter tosser, who has made it big in therapy and thence to TV! Am I the only person who finds the over-therapied Mr Fry, with his monotonous voice and quick to conclusion manner a cnut?

    Never mind the pig ugly life-style bint who is his side-kick, the unctuous and deeply sinister Fry must fry! Who is with me? Try the poll, no means test required...
  2. I have no idea who he is - and no don't enlighten me, but looking at the photo I would love to cum all over his face.
  3. He is a TV cnut...so Armchair Jihad...fill your boots!
  4. Don't think it was sexual connotations Cuddles was looking for, but whatever floats your boat sicko!
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Cuddles, I must admit i'm suprised at this topic.

    Usually, you are one of the voices of calm on Arrse, especially when it comes to vitriol against a certain individuals. For instance, you even aimed a comment at myself during the course of Caubeens "outing".

    However, back to the subject matter - Spot on! The man is a turd, and a very unpolished turd as well
  6. Fugly - bless you for that but that was then and this is now. Now being early'o'clock, tequila having been slammed and chased and TFB absent on holiday.

    So he is a cnut. There you have it, my opinion. Your views all welcome.
  7. Cuddles living in foreign climes I have never heard of the man - I'll go with your instinct - kill the fecker.

    Which -isms does the t0sser specialise in?
  8. No idea who he is. Mind you, he probabally never heard of me either!
  9. C C C - Concur, confirmed cnut
  10. Is he, however, more or less of a cnut than the people they actually "help" on that show?

    I'd like to slap the ugly off of all of them for believing every stupid thing about accountrements for "the good life" that they've seen on American TV. So I can't say I've ever noticed his cnutdom in the face of such blatant, gawping, dripping assholism
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm warming to you Cuddles (and I still rather fancy your dog).

    I'm all for contact-therapising the cnut.
  12. Don't know the guy so can't comment on the level of cnutdom he has achieved but I'll vote for anything that involves burning someone at the stake!

    However, out of curiosity (thank fcuk I'm not a cat!) I took a look at his website and in his defence his seminars and consultations are reasonably priced, compared to some of the grabbing cnuts out there who should be definitely nailed to concrete blocks and tossed into the Thames.

    That's not to say his seminars are of any use to anyone who isn't already totally fcuked in the head and beyond any help. At least he's only ripping them off in moderation!

    Nevertheless, burn him!
  13. I also have no idea who this man is - however from what I have read on this thread - is he the Uk's answer to Jerry Springer?

    If thats the case then we only have ourselves to blame, because if no one watched the rubbish they film then they would soon vanish off our TV screens! So unfortunatly we have no one to blame but ourselves - well students and bored housewifes who watch the drivel!
  14. Is he even qualified? Or did he just do 'psych studies' and learn a really mogadon-induced voice and became a 'therapist'?

    Most of his 'marks' are so bloody obvious. Dead dad/mun, never really got over it, spends a lot. Duuuh....

    Last night, while I was TRYING to read my Amateur Gynocologist (incorporating The Seat Sniffers Friend. Which I buy for the crossword.) Mrs R was drooling over this tat. Some bint lived with her 'Lottery winning' Essex cousin, earned 22k as a typist had got herself 36k in the hole. 'Dr' Ben was trying to pin the whole lot on her dad leaving. Of course. The fact she was she had no hard feelings about that at all, but he kept pushing that one button.

    Her bloke had cheated on her, she was 32, in a rubbish job and homeless, surrounded by folks with oodles of cash pissing it in all directions.

    I have to say, I gave a loud 'harrumph' and walked out. Cod psychology? Well, Ben at least you got an 'ology'
  15. So, Cuddles

    Is there something deep in your childhood that you would like to share with us?