Spelling Lessons

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. With the sudden influx of cheesers with head dobbers who claim they have asparagus or some other mad made up infliction, I have decided to give lessons in spelling.

    It's totally free from me. I have enough chockerlit and cake already. A small donation to Hols4Heroes will suffice.

    Please scribble your name after this post if you wish to sign up. You know it's for the best and it will stop hurting my eyes when I try to read your drivel.

    Many thanks.

    Dale T xx
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  2. I take it your 48 hours of being nice has finished Slugster.
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  3. Pleas sine me up. I ewes a spell chequer butt I think it is broke.
  4. Spacker2339
  5. Cost me £100 though. I couldn't take any more of being nice. It was doing my head in.
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  6. I broke you in ten minutes - I hope the dog enjoyed his nosh job!

  7. You can't break me, you turd. You're 15.
  8. Who was nice....and why?
  9. ฉันคิดว่าฉันคือการสะกดคำขอบคุณครับ
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  10. my sun is on Ritalin. he is ateteen and is on the rejistur for fisting a pit po knee infrunt of a myner. his fillypeno gurlfriend is 16 and eggspecting a baybee. he is lucking at the royale lojistc cur as a dryvur. kan he get a flat from da armee wen he dus his trayning so he can luck after dem. also does the armee have a kresh on camp if his laydee wants to go to bingo or da pub in the day wiff other wyffes. he got twenny wonne on his Baarb thinggy testt in da rekruiting offace in chatum.
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  11. natotm needs these as a matter of national importance.

    Judging by his normal inability to find the spellchecker, I think he intended his username to be Bob.
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  12. Tại sao các bạn gõ bằng tiếng Thái và tiếng Việt không?
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  13. Thank ewe four that link. I ewes Firefox and knead too fined a beta spell chequer. I am shore that mine is broke.
  14. I used to go out with a spell chucker - she looked like Kate Bush but she was scary mad.