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What’s the problem there then, you open up a what seems to be a good thread, add a bit read, read a bit. While reading you notice that the spelling and grammar are not to hot, but its not that bad and continue. The thread has potential but is then dragged totally of thread as the grammar police smacks you for poor grammar. Lawstudent and Bomb Doctor come to mind adding nothing of interest to the thread except where to correct the spelling and grammar. You blokes must be soooo! interesting to drink with.

p.s If you find grammar and spelling in that lot PM the padre. He might be more interested

Minister for Naughty Boys and Bad Spelling here.

I called the Padre, as you requested, and he told me you had to report to me IMMEDIATELY for some serious correction and spanking.

SK - my office, feet in the in-tray. Chop Chop.
Developmental delay is not the same as dyslexia, thrush, no matter how hard or how often your carer tells you whilst he glues your gritter to his johnson.

Well they let that journo dullard in so why not a special needs wanksock in a wheelchair. I am sure there will be instructors there more than happy to show you the furthest room, in the tallest tower, with a lovely window......and shove you out of it.

that was to the point and properly parsed. I do believe it should have been posted on the " Nice ' thread, it was presented so well... Well done!.. and so true..
LMOA@mizkrissi don't sit on the fence! just say how you feel!

LS improvement on this posting at least its not cut and paste WELL DONE
SKJOLD said:
........... adding nothing of interest to the thread
And you do SKJOLD? You're the biggest Dullard out there.

You have the audacity to post this topic when you yourself complain about this in your own topic called "Mis-Spelling".

You have even tried to post porn on this website! Hello? What planet are you on?

ALL of your posts are wishy washy and you only express an opinion when you think others will agree with you. Stand up and be a man.

For Example........ In one thread you say Supply Controllers are interesting.... but in a previous post you state they are "Boring as Feck" and only talk about LSTI's.

You have no original thought and are obviously just a bluffer. At least I have an opinion and have the moral courage to say what I think, not just say what I think people want to hear like you.

I happen to think that spelling and grammar are an important part of military life and someone with good english skills will always be promoted over a lazy cnut like you (Obviously not counting people with a genuine disorder like dyslexia). This is probably why you left after rising to the dizzy heights of Cpl and before the work started to get a little harder.

I gather you are a Sup Con, as you have said so in previous threads, although who knows what you are or what you stand for..... As a Sup Con - accuracy is a key skill for you. Lets hope that your accounting skills were a bit better than your sloppy lazy writing. You weren't in charge of the ammo account in GW1 were you?

ARRSE is all about free speech and expressing yourself (within the limits of decency - something you obviously haven't got a clue about). Who the feck are you to tell me what I can and can't do in this forum? You sound like a wannabee MOD.

Ever heard of squaddie humour? You seem to have lost this since leaving the military. May I be so bold as to suggest you find it.... and soon..... and stop being a fcukwit.

Feck, got dragged away to do a little work.
Ive been fishing today and Ive got a big bite. Take it easy Bomb Doctor fish.
Mis Spelling topic in the finance thread. I asked for a change in spelling Credit to Cre-debt.

If correcting Grammer and Spelling is your idea of origanality in a thread, then crack on. Killing a thread because of it is schitt.
Wanna be a MOD, Id rather schitt razor wire.

Ammo storeman in in GW1 :lol: feck off kn0b cheese. Im not that old. Obviously you are, so take easy or you might have a heartattack. You geriatric cnut you.

Me, lazy, hahahaha Go make me a wet you old fecker.

Leaving as full screw, I wouldve liked to stay, sometimes I miss not being back in, but you have to take advantage of what ever comes along. The offer I had and what Im doing now far outweighed staying. So dont knock me for that.

Posting Porn: It was a years old Rodox shoot with male wearing participant A Sapper Blazer, which is why I posted it in the engineers forum. Thought a wedgehead might recognize him. No excuse though.

Squaddie Humour/Attention to detail/saying things people want to hear.


p.s Il buy you a beer if we ever meet, take it easy tiger. no offence meant and none taken. :)
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