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Discussion in 'REME' started by Canada_Bob, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. REME Basic Training must be awesome these days, 20 years old and he is already a bomb expert.....a very quick one.....!

    Bombs Expert
  2. Flash to dull thud :roll:
  3. Ah well there goes the flood gates for all the chav barstewards in the Corps to think they are above the law, mind you lots think that already.
  4. Since when has Bomb Disposal Expert been a REME CEG?

    Oh hang on, it was The Sun, he probably told them he was a Tech Storeman and they just applied journalistic licence and wrote whatever they wanted anyway.

    143 in a 50? straight to jail for that one I am afraid, I don't care who he is or what he does for a living - that is just ******* irresponsible.
  5. It's going to be discussed on Radio shortly
  6. What a bell end.

    Who does he think was following him and why?

    Jail the mong.
  7. Necky little crowbag walting it up to get off an offense that he was bang to rights on. I hope someone at his unit indicates their displeasure at his cheek.

    How do you manage to convince the civilian world that without him the war will never be won.
  8. The scroat should be AGAIed by his OC as a matter of course and have the feckin book thrown at him for being a twatt. And who allowed him to use the defence of being involved in bomb disposal ? We don't need berks like this right now ... and with full manning he could be binned and we won't even notice.
  9. He needs a couple of show parades to correct his obvious inability to wear headdress correctly.

    Then he can do some 'duty driver' time to correct his inability to drive at the correct speed. Maybe every weekend until Christmas.

    Sorted. Nige for justice Secretary :)
  10. 143mph......the Focus ST has a book speed of 152mph; talk about lack of commitment. I'd put him on 'remedial speeding.'
  11. Guys I have been in his situation albeit a little slower and on a motorway, 126mph top speed average of 106mph. To this day I can honestly say I regret the speed and there is no defence for it however it was a certain ban back in 1998 when the offence took place, I took a Canadian Emelette with me to Court and my only defence to keep my licence was that the Unit where training for Ops (Kosovo).

    I am a VM by trade and that was never mentioned, just the fact that I needed my licence for the job for Ops. It was taken into account and I was 6 pointed and the fine doubled from £180 to £360.

    My point is this, its not something new for Soldiers to keep there licence after speeding. It is not new for civilians to be giving the same treatment. Not long ago a civilian driver was allowed to keep his licence after totting up a total of 13 points because he needed it for his job.

    What outrages me tho is the fact that he sits smugly in the Current Bun smiling away, which press Officer allowed that one? Next he should have been banned on his return from Ops, something well within the rights of the court and it was considered for me. Driver Awareness training should be rammed down his throat.

    Lastly though one on AGAI action, how can they AGAI him (possibly on disrepute) if they agreed for his pic to be published...it would surely be so 2 faced!
  12. I think he is a reccy mech
  13. Good point, i know of several civvy HGV drivers who have retained their license's even though they have racked up points. hence why most HGV drivers totally ignore average speed camera's.
  14. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    It's worth noting on this one that:

    A: The press will always give a write-up that will shift the maximum number of newspapers. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story and all that.

    B: Most of the press, and the Sun are spectacularly bad at this, couldn't specify what most soldiers actual jobs and roles were if you took their capbadge and CEG and smashed them repeatedly on the skull with it. He could have been an AGC HR Cbt Spec working in the admin office of an EOD squadron and the journo mongs would still label him a "Bomb disposal expert".

    C: What VG said.