Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Conor123, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Conor123

    Conor123 Old-Salt

    Hi, stupid thing i know i didnt see the camera i was doin 42 in a 30 zone on a provisional(50 cc) and im going in March as a Driver in the Royal Logistics Corps, i should be getting 3 points and a £60 fine, will this effect my career?
  2. 12 MPH over the top could incur a bit more, not sure but it could be a bit heftier than 3pts
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Spelling the name of your future regiment incorrectly may do so...
  4. Bottleosmoke

    Bottleosmoke Guest

    No. You'll be a master Driver in 17 years!
  5. Bottleosmoke

    Bottleosmoke Guest

    And I didnt even see that!
  6. Conor123

    Conor123 Old-Salt

    Wasn't that right?
  7. Bottleosmoke

    Bottleosmoke Guest

    Nope. Look it up.
  8. Conor123

    Conor123 Old-Salt

    Royal Logistic Corps?
  9. sharkie

    sharkie Old-Salt

  10. Red Lipstick Corps :D
  11. Conor123

    Conor123 Old-Salt


    Royal Logistic Corps


    Drives and maintains an assortment of vehicles, including load-carrying trucks, fuel and water tankers, trailers and rough-terrain forklift trucks
  12. Conor123

    Conor123 Old-Salt

    Just to make sure, it wont effect my career?
  13. Y's'all are c&nts. Tell the boy the correct answer or how will he learn. RLC = Royal Logistic Corps

    Didnt see the camera? Its that F&ckin big square yellow thing. Not only were you speeding in a built up area but you were also driving without due care and attention.

    It should affect you career but probably wont. Are you sure you aren't cut out to be cannon fodder?
  14. Conor123

    Conor123 Old-Salt

    No it was raining heavily and my visor was steamed up and covered in rain and i was clearing it, i know i should have stopped to do it but it was night and the roads were empty.
  15. Griffinthe2nd

    Griffinthe2nd Old-Salt

    How the fcuk did you get it to go 42mph?

    You had better start asking your recruiter really. I guess that with the amount of people currently applying they can afford to be a bit more selective about these things.