Speeding with Weapons?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bibo_boy, Nov 14, 2005.

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  1. Recently I was driving as escort for a vehicle carrying weapons on the way in the ranges.

    I was unfamiliar with the route being taken as the lead vehicle had deviated from the normal "mil" route and he got "flashed by a speed camera doing 35 in a 30.

    As I busy doing the usual looking 360 whilst covering the vehicle in frt I think I may of got flashed too?

    Is there anyway i can use this as a get out of jail card?
  2. Nope. MT Orders pretty much covers this.

    If you tried the defence that you didn't notice our speed because you were too busy 'scanning for bad guys' you'd be admitting to driving without due care and consideration.

    Damed if you do and damed if you don't.

    Obviously if you were a traffic copper doing 140mph on the motorway you'd escape a ban due to it being 'training'. :roll:
  3. Oh well! Bite the bullet!

    I have moved Badges since.... What's the chances of the nice Mr Moto saying, oh well can't be bothered with this?

    Not much I'm guessing... £30 fine please! And 3 points
  4. Were you not two-up? It is very poor practise to expect a solo escort to be able to drive and maintain effective obs.
  5. Very little chance of any comeback from it, a lot of the speed cameras don't even have film in or it has run out etc. but will still flash, I wonder if there is a website with actual statistics on this?
  6. My OC was reading his morning paper in the back....


    Strange thing was, it was a Rear facing type gatso that flashed from the other side of the road?

    Maybe it got something going the other way?
  7. Now this is a long shot but bear with me.

    I heard of an instance in which an RAF radar tech was flashed. Knowing a little bit about radars and being sure he was in the right he had a look at the kit involved and used successfully as a defence the fact that wheels on vehicles will give radar returns that are unrepresentative of the ground speed of the vehicle. I believe that JSTARS and other ground radars use the principle for identifying armour and other vehicles.

    Since hearing this I believe I've seen the effect in person. For those of you who know Woolwich I was approaching the pair of cameras by the Academy from the direction of Shooters Hill. Before I reached the camera on my side of the road a motorbike passed through the camera on the opposite side, and didn't trigger it. However the camera on my side of the road flashed, with no vehicles what so ever going through it's 'beaten zone'. My assumption is a return from the bikes big alloy spokes, since they were travelling in the opposite direction to the bike, but in the same direction that the camera which responded was covering.

    So perhaps that's what you've done?
  8. s_j, I know that piece of road very well & have seen what you've described happen on many occasions and the same on a piece of road heading out of Eltham.
  9. There is a Gatso near Stroud in Gloucestershire that if you approach it as just the right speed it will flash you although it takes no picture. This is bloody dnagerous as if you are not expecting and its late at night may frighten the crap out of you. Repoted to Glos Plod and was told "I dont think this happend Sir as it is impossible for it to be triggered by oncoming trafic".. Few days late a mates tells me he takes fun in timing it just right at said camera by tripping it as a car passes it thinking they have done it. Its mate down the road for a long time was set to trip at below 30 mph for 30mph zone.
  10. Nice to know he takes these things seriously :roll: , no wonder you decided to re-badge.
  11. I bet you a crate of Guinness that the bikes spokes where travelling in the same direction as the bike !!! (unless he was wheelspinning?)


  12. Relative to the ground, or the bike?
  13. if anyone questions you for speeding with weapons in the back, just state that you drove at speed to reduce the risk of being stopped/cornered in by civilians, therefore, defending the weapons.

    if anyone asks for clairfication offer them the question: would you rather i speed and save weapons, or not speed and have a bunch of gats in the hands of civvys?

    you never know, they might buy it.
  14. Relative to the Speed Camera!


  15. If it was a normal GATSO (rear facing, normally grey) and not a TRUVELO (forward facing, normally dark blue and uses infra-red flash photography) then I don't believe that it can be used as evidence. The GATSO is only approved/calibrated for traffic on the correct side of the road, due to the angle of the radar sensor.

    I seem to recall that if the GATSO is slightly off alignment (or taking pictures on the other side of the road), then the evidence is inadmissable - due to the physics of angles and calculating speeds (Cosine angles and stuff that I am not very good at explaining) etc.

    I am happy to be corrected if anyone else believes that this is not the case.