Speeding - What do RMPs do if they catch you on a garrison?

Civil offence so not much I'd expect apart from give your boss the good news. Unless your on a Garrison where they have some authority?
I was stopped inside camp by a total chopper saying that I was speeding, asked how he knew since he had no speed gun and throbber replied he knew how long it should take you driving at the correct speed to get from 'that lamp post to this lamp post', so I said 'brilliant', wound my window up and drove off. never heard anything afterwards.
Unless your already on the RSM's crap list..nothing. I was stopped doing a lot past Buller Bks in the Shot. Followed me all the way to my Qtr and tapped on my car window. He asked for my ID card as i was in civvys, no dramas as long as you show me yours! As he (he turned out to be a Capt) had no card on him and was in civvys i walked into my house and shut the door.
Next day, called to the RSM's office, who said "if anyone asks you had a bollocking, dont do it again.....Or at least dont lead him to your house!" Fair one!! :twisted:
Find the fecker and wipe your cock on his curtains
Counter-Bluffer-Ops said:
I just love these mythical tales of derring-do.
if its never happened to you its always a myth!
MOD Plod use Gatsos on some of the sites I've worked. If you were on-site then it's not public road so you can't get points or anything, but since they're an official police force they can do you if they catch you off-site. They used to hide on the road in, just to make up the numbers.

On-site, I seem to remember something like a three-strikes rule where you lost parking priviliges or, possibly, just had your car pass removed meaning you couldn't drive into work anymore. Utter ballache.
In some of the Salisbury plain army towns MP's definitely used to hand out speeding fines on public roads around garrisons. I don't know if this still goes on and whether or not it was with agreement from local plod.
It will probably make some of you feel better hearing this...I got done for speeding in a marked RMP car by the MOD police...39 in a 30 = 3 points and a £40 fine.
Makes me feel better.

A question: My understanding is that MP's have juristiction over (all) forces personnel wherever said personnel happen to be, therefore if an MP catches a serviceman/woman speeding down a public road do they not have the right to impose a fine/points? Just wondering.
blind, unfortunately not as we don't have powers under the Road Traffic Act to impose such a fine on you.

Oh, and by the way, just for the record the title should be RMP, not RMP's. We are not the Royal Military Police's
As Cow and CH5120 have said, as far as my previous knowledge of the RMP goes, they basically can't do much apart from take your name and pass it on to your CoC to deal with, that's if they can be bothered. The ones to watch out for in Bulford are MDP!! They can be right sneaky gits
Aside from a nagging at Beaconsfield for "driving a bit fast", I lost my parking priviledges for a fortnight thanks to matelot plod at Pompey and loops they had put in the road. I got caught trying to sneak back in 3 days later and they extended it to a month as a consequence!

No bloody humour, those people.


griff013 said:
I was caught just outside camp by an RMP doing about 35mph in a 30 zone. What can they do? :(
They are legally permitted to beat you to within an inch of your life.
Biscuits_AB said:
They are legally permitted to beat you to within an inch of your life.
They just aren't capable


Filbert Fox said:
Counter-Bluffer-Ops said:
I just love these mythical tales of derring-do.
if its never happened to you its always a myth!
I know. I was stopped once by the RMP for speeding. A whole Company of them all armed to the teeth. I alighted my horseless carriage and summoned their Commanding Officer, an impudent little man whom I immediately knocked out with a sharp blow to the head.

Having witnessed the spectacle, and in fear of their own safety, his men retreated to behind a nearby wooded area, which I promptly set alight to flush them out. As each of the cowards ran past me, I boxed his ears and gave him a swift kick to the rear, sending him on his way. Amongst their number were several females, unattractive women, but women nevertheless. Being a gentleman I refrained from striking them, preferring to give them a stern telling off.

My adventure merely proves that bullies are nothing but cowards and that you should always stand up to them.

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