Speeding ticket on A3 Esher Bypass

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by walt_of_the_walts, Dec 25, 2006.

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  1. Can any arrsers advise me please.

    I've just got my first ever speeding ticket on the A3 Esher Bypass last sunday lunchtime, driving back from Keogh Barracks and Ash Ranges.

    What grips my shit is that I drove like a lunatic to get there on time, and didnt get caught by the Gatso but drove back slowly, with 3 more in the car in the afternoon and got caught doing 72 in a 50 zone. Don't remember the flash, Dont remember going at 72, and dont know how I managed to get up to that speed with 3 big blokes and there kit in the back of my old 1.6 Cavalier. I remember bimbling back to London, chatting in the car, not driving at that kind of speed.

    Should I appeal it?

    What about these standard letters that 90% guaranteed to get you off?

    How big is the fine likely to be and how many points will I lose?
  2. just take it on the chin. 3 pts and £60 fine. if you can't do the time etc :)
  3. You can't appeal it. You can try if you want, but I wouldn't waste my time.
  4. 72 in a 50!!!!

    Pay the money and run like feck, count yourself lucky it wasn't a traffic cop, they would push to get you banned for that sort of speed in a 50.
  5. 72 in a 50?
    Mate ,
    IIRC 8 miles an hour more and it would be an automatic ban

    Take the points and fine and be thankful it ain't a court appearance
  6. Take what they give you now, and feel lucky it want a traffic cop.
  7. I'm not convinced I was doing 72 in 50 zone. My car doesnt easily do that sort of speed, and with 3 up and no reason to drive that fast on an A road, I'm not sure it was correct. Also, didnt see a flash, neither did my 3 passengers and it was a cloudy dull day!

    If it was 72 in 50, I won't be getting 3 points, I'll be getting banned, won't I? I've been sent a summons, asking for credit card details. It doesnt say how many points I will lose or how much the fine or what the penalty will be?
  8. Have you received the standard letter that asks you to provide details of the driver at the time of the offence?Or is it a direct summons to appear in court?
    The former will lead to an offer to accept the fixed penalty, the latter could land you in big poo
    Mate of mine contested a fixed penalty, got 6 points and £1200 fine!
    Think carefully
  9. And 30 MPH over any limit is an automatic disqualification
  10. be carefull this is not a con to get your card details as this has happened before, the DVLA sell our details to anyone who pays then that person will sit near a speed camera and take reg numbers as they pass and get you address from the DVLA, this works by the person thinking i was there at that time i must have be speeding and then give over card details to the con man to empty your account.

    before you give details make sure it is real as this is a real con happening at this moment.
  11. BEWARE - If I were you I would call the issuing court to confirm details. Sounds like a scam to me as well. Check address and phone number details as well. Courts do not ask for credit card details in advance.
  12. There is only one camera on the A3 which is as you approach Tolworth where it goes from 3 lanes to 2. Anywhere else you need to check it out. However, the police do set up speed traps elsewhere on the A3.
  13. Argghh. Once again the old "automatic disqualification" chestnut. There is no such thing as an "automatic ban". Any such disqualification would have to be ordered by a court, and the sentencing guidelines do not compel the courts to award a ban for *any* motoring offence, although it would certainly have to be considered, and any court which elected not to award a ban for certain offences would certainly have to be prepared to back that decision up.


  14. "There is only one camera on the A3 which is as you approach Tolworth where it goes from 3 lanes to 2."

    Just what I was thinking Redcap.

    As a regular user believe me you get up a good speed without realising it so going passed at 72 is quite likely.
    And as for "I didn't see the flash"- Well with 4 blokes nattering/radio or cd blaring you may well have missed it.

    Yes your number could have been spotted by a scammer from the bridge just after the Gatso.

    DVLA giving out your details- name and address- not too likely.

    Credit Card details does sound warning bells- IIRC I have always paid by cheque.

    On balance though it sounds like you've been caught