Speeding Tankie gets off 108 mph

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Maj_Boothroyd, Sep 15, 2004.

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  1. From the Sun, 15 Sep 04

    108mph tank driver let-off


    AN Army captain escaped a ban after speeding at 108mph on a motorway — so he can drive armoured vehicles in Iraq.
    Tank commander Richard Moger, 27, would normally have lost his licence after being nabbed at that speed on the M4 in South Wales.

    But he told a court it would mean he couldn’t drive British Army vehicles when he returns to Basra with the Household Cavalary.

    He added: “The car I was driving was powerful and accelerated beyond the point I was aware.”

    Moger, of Chislehurst, Kent, was fined £300 by JPs in Newport, Gwent, but kept his licence.

    Bench chairman David Henley said: “This is a one-off. We’re convinced this won’t happen again.”

    He'll be driving will he? I take it then his name will be on the workticket, that he has "Tank" on his FMT600, that when REME pick up 20 A-jobs on his tank he'll be at the front of the queue to complete them. My fat hairy buttocks he will!

    He got into a powereful car and didn't realise it? Who lends out powerful cars to muppets, or was it his own and he just hadn't noticed? He drove down the M4 in South Wales(heavily policed), not aware of the speed he was doing, with plod hot on his heels and he didn't notice them ? Stupid, reckless or both? Either way sounds ideal Cavalty officer material.
  2. Well he's lucky, most of us enlisted filth get a few points with a lovely fine or a ban, the Iraq/tank driving thing must work, lets all give that excuse for motoring offences!!
  3. You can't have a military license without having a civvie license?

    Now had he really done it in a tank, i'd be impressed. :lol:
  4. I'm no lawyer, but I think lying to a magistrate is called perjury. Wouldn't it be awful if someone enlightened Newport Mags :twisted:
  5. Had he been a tom, he would have been hung for it, dropped to lower range pay if he was on higher and treated like a lepper.

    This muppet wont be driving anywhere, his daddy probably belongs to the same club as the JP. Hope his CO finds a suitable way to humiliate him for the bad example he's setting :evil:

  6. A tankie from Kent....... phew, at least he is not in 2RTR.....
  7. Lying in court IS perjury. He could not be taken back to court for the speeding charge again because of the double jepardy rule (can't be charged for the same thing twice), but blind-shag Blunkett is trying to get rid of double jepardy. He could go to court for perjury or contempt.

    Hopefully his feature in The Sun will mean full AGAI 67 action, and I don't just mean 3 show parades!

    Don't think I'm some speed-hating nazi, I've a 1000cc sports bike, a Scooby turbo, I'm a regular at the Nurburgring and I think GATSOs should be burnt, but if you get caught by plod in a car, you deserve what you get. So said the man who got caught by plod in a car while doing 118mph on the M2. PM me if you want to know what I got :wink:
  8. Can you get turbos in scooters? :p
  9. This is probably just the press getting it wrong.

    To command an AFV, one must have a valid FMT 600, written up with the relevant vehicle, so yes, this chap's may well say TANK (although more likely it will say CVR(T). To have an FMT, one must also have a civvi licence (although not necessarily of the relevant category - I don't have a H licence, for example.) I suspect that this was just the reporter seeing a good army story and not bothering to check up on the facts.

    Now wouldn't that make a change...
  10. Allegedly he was HCR. Of course he didn't realise how fast the car was his daddy had just bought it... and besides it was just a little high spirits before going on tour! :wink:
  11. Come on boys and girls.....

    Has anyone here never considered the option of doing the following upon blue lights appearing in their rear view mirror?.......

    1. Have FMT600 secured safely covering their driving licence in the plastic licence wallet provided with the old "single sheet" licence....so that it's the first thing the nice policeman sees when he asks you if you have your licence handy? (which we all have handy at all times in our wallets/handbags due to MT rules)

    2. Have their MOD90 inserted (for good measure) in the folded plastic cover mentioned above?

    3. Acted soberly and completely allied to the police-persons points that they always make to you regarding your speed/driving prior to you admitting that you were listening to an up-beat tune on the car wireless and you forgot your speed for a moment?

    4. Agreed with the police-person on every point and then broke down in a fit of remorse, trowing in the time honoured "oh God,my wife's going to kill me........she can't get our youngest (of five) baby to the hospital without me and my STUPID RECKLESS driving.....

    5. Ask the police-person if they wouldn't mind writing a personal letter to your CO to explain that you were perfectly behaved during the incident ......just so you can retain some of your 21 years hard earned pension....

    6. Mention that you are on the way home after 6 months away from your family having worked in Germany all this time (the Autobahn thing often works)(Unless you are travelling along Cricklewood road at 60mph...in which case see no. 7 below)

    7. Along the lines of point 3 above.....say you were under cover and listening to "Riverdance" to give you credance, but you think that PIRA were following you (worked for me once...a while back...you may have to change music and terrorist cause to suit current situation)

    8. Finally, say, "I know where you live" in a non-english accent....preferably eastern european.

    Any single point above will often work, but sometimes it's also best to get on your knees and blubber uncontrolably to the finest police force in the world to let you go on your way (carefully of course)

    Sh*t.....never done such a long post....hope it helps... :D
  12. South Wales plod is not one for shite talk. Believe me i comes with experience. Cav Officer will probably buy much champers and get frightfully drunk. If he was banned he could not fulfill the role of Commander AFV. Pay drop, cannot carry on in role, transfer to infantry TA much better option.
  13. He's been out done

  14. You can feck off if you think we'd take him :evil: :evil:
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Top tip:

    79 mph: result: warning

    79+: 3 Pts

    85+ : 6 pts

    92+: Summons for court

    Well that was the last Home office advice I saw!