Speeding. Stamping down. Revenue or road safety?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TheLordFlasheart, Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. Heard a snippet on Radio 2 today (Steve Wright) that certain Police Traffic forces will stop and prosecute motorists on motorways at 72 Mph and above as opposed to the previous 85 Mph and above. If any of the Black Rats out there can confirm or deny this and the motives behind the new policy, it would be most welcome. Safety? Revenue? Black Rats becoming busier than a one legged man in an arrse kicking contest?

    Will find a link as soon as I can to see if the press have picked up on this or if there is any weight to the report.
  2. They have indeed started doing this on the M4 near junct 15, beware.
  3. I'm sure the stock response will be "Safety, blah, blah, blah...70 mph is the legal limit anyone over it is breaking the law, blah, blah, blah."

    Call me cynical but I think it is a pure cash grab.
  4. How can you be prosecuted for doing 72 mph when car speedometers are not that accurate. If you have slighty different tyre pressures your speedo could easily be out by 2 mph. That is why I thought the police had to add on a margin of error.
  5. The issue about the M4 is that it is not the police doing the prosecuting it is the "Wiltshire and Swindon road saftey partnership"

    The reason they are enforcing 70 mph is to generate cash and meet there targets pure and simple. It really gets my goat that you can drive like a C*nt at 69.5 mph and get away with it, while 71 in the outside lane and your Al Capone.

    The cameras are all mobile as the partnership have lost a number of cameras in Wiltshire to fire bombings.
  6. Speedos are totally inaccurate (+/- 10%), lump in the inaccuracies in the speed cam (likely to be at least +/- 1% on a recently calibrated device rising to +/- 5% nearing it's re-cal date. If they are operating at any sort of distance or in adverse weather there is a strong possibility of the system measuring another vehicles speed, at 1k the laser spot is likely to be upto 1m across, and they would go to all of the cost of the electronics/software to only look at the centroid of the spot!

    These things really are a load of cack unless you are in a relatively clear road, yet the roads being targetted are some of the busiest in the country! If some dim-wit tried to do me for doing upto 80 in a 70, I'd fight it on the grounds of accuracy.

    The main causes of motorway accidents are fatigue and insufficient seperation.
  7. I don't think the destruction of speed cameras in Wiltshire is a protest over the law enforcement issue. It is more a case of the photograph stealing your sole. "These new fangled contraptions are the work of the Devil".

  8. Not strictly true, 15 years ago speedometers were not accurate, authorities granted a 10% allowance due to this. Today though the manufacturers must produce accurate equipment (digital pickups and sensors etc). The Police do not have to give the offender(and that is what you are if over 70mph) any leniance in the law. It really depends on which county you are travelling through, I am in a zero tolerance area where the limits will be rigidly enforced.

    Cameras are calibrated on a regular basis and are by and large very reliable. The effect of local weather will cause little disturbance.

    Here is a little food for thought:
    DoT Rules,
    "Deploy mobile cameras only on stretches where there have been at least 2 collisions resulting in death or serious injury per km in previous 3 years."
  9. What about 15 year old cars?
  10. Hear Hear well said sir.

    There should be no speed limits on motorways.
  11. It seems that there is little choice than to stick to the speed limits. That is ok for me. If you chance breaking the limit then you can expect to get caught at some point. I would love to see some of this revenue redeployed getting the boys in blue on the roads mopping up some of the appauling drivers out there. A camera should never be used to replace an experienced bobby in a car that can use his/her brain and a bit of discretion to sort out naughty motorists. Like mikemcc said, poor lane discipline and fatigue do the damage and a camera will not pick up a muppet who is tailgateing at 69mph while smoking blow, talking on the phone and p1ssed out of their face living on 3 hours kip per night.
  12. Worse to follow. The new systems will zap you at various points along the m-way and re zap you after some distance and claculate your average speed. If you have averaged over the limit a cash demand will be in the post before you have completed the next ten miles.

    Invest in incar warning electronics... My RAII is the nuts and has saved me many, many times.

    Blair's no tax increases...... kerching, we'll get you anyway we can!
  13. The average age of cars currently on the road is roughly 4yo.

    Quote wilts website:
    "Influence public opinion against drivers who exceed speed limits and make speeding socially unacceptable."
    It's working judging by some opinions in this thread.
  14. In other words, some cars are 20 and some are brand new.
    Not really fussed, just curious as to whether "my car is over 15 years old" constitutes a legitimate appeal.