Speeding.....or not

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Meum_Cerebrum_Nocet, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Two posts in a week....normally my annual quota but here's the latest conundrum.

    One of the new lads came in this morning (only been here a few weeks) and told me he reckons he'd been snapped by one of those mobile speed cameras in a van, in a works car (white fleet). Now, normally this would be for one of the stripeys but as everyone's out on various bits and pieces till next week he asked me what to do.

    I'll be honest, straight away said that he should own up to the boss before he hears it from someone else (QM is a scary piece of work). Only thing is the lad isn't keen, first impressions and all that, and he's not sure the camera got him. Apparently the cameras in vans have no flashes on their cameras? (don't know anything about them myself) Although I'm tempted to disagree with him and think he should own up, I can see his point that he might be getting himself a bollocking when the camera may never have got him.

    Has anyone had, or know anyone that's had a similar experience? What's he looking at? Obviously has to pay the fine and take the points if he's guilty but what in terms of AGAI action or worse? I still think he should blab and take it on the chin but it's only fair to let him decide.
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I would suggest it depends on what speed he was doing
    If he was in a 30 zone doing 60 then he should get done especially if he's just passed his test it may save his or others lifes one day

    However if it's 35 in a 30 I would wait and see
    If he does get called in by the man then he could pretend not to have noticed the van in the first place

    I got flashed once and nothing came of it (It was late at night on the A40 - road was empty)
    When I told the SGT he told me not to worry as they would never trace the plates (urban myth) as apparently it will come up as and MOD pool car and virtually untraceable back to an individual unit (don't know how true this is - thats what I was told)

    Back on the fence - sorry
  3. Keep quiet. If a fine comes through then say sorry and pay it, should be the end of it.
  4. Apparently it was on a dual carriageway and the speed limit was 60. He said that he was just following the other cars in the outside lane but when he saw the camera van he looked at the speedo and it was about 75.

    I don't think he was dangerous, just switched off for a while.
  5. Should get away with crucifixion. He will just have to wait and see.
  6. Probably best for him to pretend that he knows nothing about it, and act surprised if/when a summons arrives and pay it promptly.

    Unless, of course, he was seriously over the limit! In which case best to make a clean breast of it and take whatever's handed out to him.

    As for the old "MOD pool car" one, that's a myth, I'm afraid. Took them 4 months to track me down (funnily enough, A40), although everyone thought it was hilarious.
  7. :wink: "that's bloody favouritism that is"
  8. Wait till the ticket turns up!
  9. Same thing happened to me in NI in a works van, took about 6 weeks for the the fine to reach the MTWO. Got 3 points and a 60 quid fine! But the jewel was i sent my driving licence away to get the points stuck on and they sent me a DVLNI counterpart licence (the paper bit) with 3 points on and my DVLA original which was still clean...bonus.
    When i was snapped there was no flash from the camera van, if he wants to make a good impression then maybe he should own up and explain his case.
  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Speed limits on a dual carriageway are 70mph unless signposted otherwise. Like the A31 outside Guildford. Tossers.
  11. So if he was doing 75 and the limit is 70, not 60, he shouldn't (hopefully) even get a fixed penalty? Am starting to feel that silence is the way forward...
  12. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Highly unlikely to get a ticket if doing 75 in a 70 but never say never. I saw a camera van on the A303 last year and was doing at least 85 but never got a ticket - very odd. Still, he should be fairly safe. But, if he came clean and let's face it, just about everyone has points for speeding nowadays, it would look better for honesty and integrity wouldn't it?
  13. Yes it would and if I was at my old unit I'd recommend it in a heartbeat....but as I've mentioned in a previous post, my WO is a c**t. I'm not out to character assassinate him where he can't defend himself and people can think what they like of me saying that, but he'd be happier seeing the lad in s**t than helping him out of it....e.g. when a full screw 'requested' not go on a 2 week ex to the Carribbean (wife had just dropped and all the other junior's were gagging to go on ex), was denied then had a car crash that nearly killed him, my WO was the first guy at his bedside alright.....to tell him it was a pathetic attempt to get out of the ex!!!

    :D Straight up, you just can't invent this stuff!

    That said, I think you're right, honesty's the best policy.

    By the way, ....the full screw did end up going to the Carribbean....on crutches :wink:
  14. he sounds like a top boy........!!!maybe honesty is not the best policy. i would take the gamble of keeping schtum in view of what a throbber this WO sounds like.
  15. Keep quiet.

    Part of my job is liasing with the OB and council officers that look after these spawn of hell cameras.

    Basically, only 10% of the locations are active at any one time, they just don't have the money to equip all of the speed camera sites with live cameras. Therefore the actual GATSO cameras are periodically redeployed around the various speed camera sites.

    Now, because OB and council know that it woud be easy for someone to keep an eye on one of these sites and realise that even when a Typhoon flew past it the flash doesn't go off and then realise that the camera is "dead", they have a cunning trick up their sleeves.

    The Flash units are randomly redeployed WITHOUT the GATSO camera so that the camera appears to be "live" when in fact it is a dummy.

    As on average there are 3 times more flash units than actual GATSO's, he only has around a 1 in 3 chance of actually being done. Enough odds to keep his gob shut I would have thought.

    On an aside, if you ever get done by one of the mobile vans and they take a picture from the FRONT, fight the conviction. The Police and Councils are NOT allowed by law to produce your picture in court under RIPA and DPA regulations, therefore none of the photographic evidence they have can be used. If you request the picture and it is sent to you clearly showing your face, pay the fine and then counter sue for RIPA and DPA violations. This will normally be against an offcer of Superindendant or above or a C9 grade council officer who has accepted responsibility for DPA and RIPA sign offs :)