Speeding on camp

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Knob_Chops, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. At the risk of being verbally abused i have decided to ask for some advice, our regiment had a "road safety week" this week and people have been getting very excited about speeding on camp. Today i rode past my regimental hq on my very loud motorcycle and apparently the RSM said i was speeding. I was subsiquently in the guard room 10 mins later with an mpgs sgt telling me the RSM said i was speeding and wasnt happy with my choice of attire when riding my motorcycle, i then said i was doing 20 the noise my bike makes is deceiving as it sounds like im doing 100mph when its just ticking over and that the law is to wear a helmet im wearing a helmet the rest is at my discression,

    Iv been told to warn my ssm off as he will be getting a call from the badge monday morning. Saying i was speeding. Where do i stand on this, i genuinly wasnt speeding and have never been caught speeding on my camp the past two years i have been here.
  2. Did he have a speed gun ? nope thought not, so you can fight it all the way and win. Will probably piss him off though.
  3. No case to answer...apart from the RSM trump card. You know you're in the right as do we because you told us you weren't speeding. What's the worst that can happen?
  4. Only RMP with speed detector can do you for speeding on a military establishment. I personally would not accept any punishment and would tell the RSM I'd be prepared to take it to court marshal if need be.

    Better still, just tell him to fuckoff.
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  5. Don't be a barrack room lawyer. All RSMs have ears which can accurately gauge the speed of a moving vehicle even when not in direct visual range. You're bang to rights, so put your hands up and take it like a man.

    Tell him to **** off.
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  6. Does your RSM not like you for any other reason? Are you an Admin nightmare? Do your squad-mates call you Sicknote?
  7. Tell him your lawyers will be contacting him presently...

    The guy is obviously a class A bell cheese. He's jumping on the speeding campaign to win brown nosing points with Sunray. Next week he'll move on to sideburns or something. What ever the CO indicates has annoyed him/is his priority this week. Just prey it is something the RSM knows something about, or he'll be down the LAD looking at welding gear or something.

    At best he knows your speeding because he timed you between two arbitary fixed points. But even then it isn't going to stand up in court (kangaroo or otherwise).

    What you wear on your own bike is no concern of his, as long as it is legal surely? I thought we'd moved on from our 1980's drill square/exercise area warriors?

    Sounds like you have a right specialist.
  8. Cheers, yer i thought he had no leg to stand on, he was in his office on a sunday afternoon while i rode past his window, i did say to the guard commander i have no problems telling him to his face that hes full of shit, but yer i will stick to my guns and and tell him to be prepared to take me to court marshal.
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  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Print off this thread and stick it on the RasMan's door.

    (All you can say is that you believe you were not speeding.)
  10. Nope never met him, hes a new rsm
  11. Edited for effectiveness.
  12. Trying to impose his authority then... Fight him if you think it's worth him giving you shit for the rest of your career!
  13. Look, not to be a sanctimonious ****, but:
    He's the Badge , and you are not. There must be a reason for this.
    Ergo, if he says you were speeding, then you were. End of. Even if you weren't.
    Take it on the chin, accept his award, and carry on.
    And don't listen to these idiots telling you to **** him off.
    It's troublemakers like these who erode discipline and foment unrest, and foster shite morale.
    i wonder what their berets look like..
    Man up.
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  14. Nah, **** him off.
  15. my dear bold, push your bike past said mans office, as you rev the tits off your donor cycle,
    play the bulling card, watch him retreat,,