Speeding in Belgium

For all you folks who like to be a lead foot, just watch your 6 in Belgium, the nice police f**kers there are targeting British poeple and slapping them with an instant fine for speeding.

It doesn't matter if you are in the flow of traffic but exceeding the limit, they will target and pull you over. It doesn't matter if you are being overtaken by a Belgian who is going faster than you, they will target you because you are British with the excuse that they will catch up with the Belgian speeder later.

If you have not got the cash to pay they will take you to a cash point to get the cash.

Make sure they give you a receipt!!!

If you cannot pay or refuse to pay, they will confiscate your car and impound it, you have 4 days to pay the fine and the cost of each day its impounded around 150 Euro's per day.

After 4 days they will auction your car for the cost of the fine and the cost of the 4 days in the pound........

Some blokes are finding out the hard way :(

Not me thankfully, but those Belgian tosspots are deliberately going after Brit plated cars.........don't give em the satisfaction........
To be fair, it's been a long time in coming. Because the Dutch coppers have had similarly draconian speeding laws for so long, Club Brit regard Belgium as the last chance to max out the turbos before throttling back to adhere to French road law down to the ports.

Can't say I blame them - can you imagine the uproar here if French people routinely exceeded the speed limit by a factor of 2 down the M20?
What lovely people. So tell me someone; just why did we bale their sorry arrses out in 2 world wars?!? :x
Serves them right for being in Belgium in the first place. :lol:
Happens in frog land as well.

On the spot fines and off to the cash point if you don't have enough money and they only accept cash in Euros, no credit cards or the like and definetly no sterling.

The fines in France are steep as well. 45Euros for 10kph over the limit.

Have heard that they target Brit plated cars but have no proof.
There's probably a campaign to cut down on foreign speeders in Belgium. Most Belgians are permanently pished so their turn WILL come and it won't just be speeding. They're just Dutch or French with an identity crisis and a drink problem and how can you treat somebody called a Walloon seriously.

Remember there's a similar thing going to happen in in the UK so as I bimble round the M25 with my Dutch registration I actually might have to obey the speed limits. The Netherlands police are fcukers as well. The wife got done as the cnuts had hidden a camera in a wheelie bin and as it was bin day, you couldn't tell. Ok non motorway but how fcuking devious can you get?

Even bimbling back and forwards 25 years ago, the Belgian police would sit those nice handy little lay-bys on the central reservation just after Antwerp. You never think to check left but there the fcuker is. It's now they actually do something about it. Loads of people used the Belgian ports then as the French had just introduced their version of the traffic police inquisition. Even Germany isn't the paradise it used to be. No speed limit only in bits now but have an accident at over 130kmh and see what they think of that. The shite hits the fan big time.
The Belgians have just upped their speeding fines as well:

1-10 km over -- immediate €50 fine
11 to 40 km over -- immediate €50 fine, plus €10 per km -- 20-30 over can result in a ban of eight days to five years!
40+ over -- fine from €55 to €2750, if not Belgian then an on the spot fine of €300. Compulsory ban of eight days to three years. Re-offence within a year incurs a double fine.

I recently got two speeding fines in the Netherlands -- 57 km an hour in a 50 limit, graciously corrected to 54 by their strange "benefit of the doubt" correction -- €16. The other one was by one of those horrible Orwellian numberplate-reading "distance between two points" cameras -- 128 km on the motorway (120 limit), corrected to 124 -- €14. Clear motorway, 7 a.m. on a Sunday, sunny day. Well, I suppose it took seven years for me to get a ticket anywhere, and at least they don't do points here.
is this a case of them taking your BFG Drivers permit off you for the ban?

when this used to happen in Germany the coppers had no juristiction to take your UK driving license off you as you had a BFG Drivers permit - so if it was confiscated - we just put a bit of pink card in our pocket and shove it through the washing machine - take soggy card to the MT office and say we needed a new one as it went in the wash - got issued a new one no problems.

Used to be brilliant coming to the UK on leave - had a left hand drive with german BFG plates - speed cameras, parking on double yellows - never got a single ticket.

problems only started when i got out and came home.


Just got this from my mate


In a built up area, in a school area, in a 30Kph area, in a residential area or a meeting area:
More than 1 Kph above the Limited speed with a maximum of 10 Kph above the fine is 50 Euro's

From 11 Kph above the speed limit with a maximum of 30 Kph the fine is 50 Euro's & 10 Euro's for each Km above 10 Kph

Example 63 Kph in built up area 50 Euro's & 3 times 10 Euro's total fine is 80 Euro's

On any other raods and Motorways

More than 1 Kpk above the speed limit with a maximum 10 Kph above 50 Euro's

From 1 Kph above the speed limit with a maximum of 40 Kph above 50 Euro's & 5 Euro's for each Km above 10 Kph

Example 146 Kph on a motorway 50 Euro's and 16 times 5 Euro's total 130 Euro's

More than 11 Kph above the speed limit the Decision is taken by the court.

At least Dick Turpin wore a mask the robbing B' stards
And if you don't have access to any cash to pay your fine, the nice Dutch Police will even look after your car for you until you do.
Ex_ex said:
Serves them right for being in Belgium in the first place. :lol:
I find this most distasteful. Nothing can adequately compensate anybody for being Belgian and the comments about saving them in two World Wars is misguided. We do have historic links with the Germans and no matter what, leaving them with the Belgians would just not have been Cricket.

My daughter claims we liberated Belgium purely and simply for the chocolate, this too is a compelling theory ,


ps. Was sent this by a friend living in Belgium, he thought it was funny anyway!

Two Belgians driving a truck find themselves in front of a bridge bearing the sign: max height 4 metres. Upon measuring the vehicle they found it to be 5.8m high. "What shall we do?" asks the driver. "Well, there's no police around," says the driver's mate "Let's drive on!"
like in the UK I ALAWYS slow down 10mph less than the limit for the speed cameras ,even in front of police mobile cameras, its a small protest against the topsy turvy priorities of HMG, not because i want stay within the law, NO my aim is to deprive the Govt of my £60, grubby bastards.

so in Europe I guess I will have to stick to the limit if only to deprive the smelly Europeans of my money. cnuts
I use a gps and so monitor actual speed rather than indicated, setting it to the right speed for the camera as we pass.

This seems to work and means that i don't have to do the red light tap-dancing tricks of those in front of me.
That is nothing, here in Saudi the following penalties apply...and a saudi jail is not a place to spend anytimem, tried it never liked the food or company!

The maximum speed limit here is 120kmh...

Speeding 140-159 600 Saudi Riyals (£100) + 24 hrs in jail
160-189 900 SR + 3 days in jail
190 and above 1500 SR and 7 days in jail
Padre said:
I use a gps and so monitor actual speed rather than indicated, setting it to the right speed for the camera as we pass.

This seems to work and means that i don't have to do the red light tap-dancing tricks of those in front of me.
I noticed that my car speedo is about 10% out when I compare it to my GPS - luckily it's reading is higher than it actually is. Apparently speedo's and tacho's on trucks are allowed to be wrong (within limits).
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