Speeding in austria.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PanzerCommander, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. Convoy recently got flashed coming over the austrian border. Two cars close together.

    Does anyone know how much a ticket is for around 20kmh over? AND what are the chances of getting away with it? We were in MT cars therefore im thinking it will go back to Reg MT and have to deal with the bollocking?

  2. Anywhere between €21 & €70 depending on the type of road. If you are telling me porkies and you were more than 40kmh over the limit expect to be disqualified.

    Source: Transport White Book, European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport, B – 1049 Brussels
  3. It was a dual carriageway and was sitting behind the lead at around 120ish. Pretty sure the limit was 100. Unless the cameras are super sensitive and the limit was 120 and i was doing 122 or something?

    Either way, pain in the arse.

    Cant of been doing 40+...i hope.. disqual from austria or "shit bust" the world?

    thanks again.
  4. A couple of years back I was at the Autobahnpolizei centre near the Europabruecke to meet the boss man there. He was going through the pics of cars flashed that morning and disposing of them as he saw fit. He must have been in a good mood as most - up to about 25km/h over the top were "Oh, let that one go ... " etc.
    Then there was the Ferrari hitting almost 200km/h. "Now that's just taking the piss," says he. So he was booked.

    I do hope the Austrians aren't as bad as the Swiss.
    I have just received a fine for 11km/h over the limit: SFr 250.000!
  5. You say you were in convoy, so the question is was this a military or a private vehicle? Just whose turf were you on when you were flashed? This questions are significant because it could make a huge difference. Any ban that the Germans or Austrians may impose is only valid in that country, therefore no problem unless you live there.
  6. I always speed through Austria, I mean it's not a place I like to spend time in and I certainly wouldn't want to be seen there!

    The Police there have all got calibrated speedtrap eyeballs and are solely employed to nail foreigner's hats on, milking transients using the alpine passes has always been the main source of income for the shit hole.
  7. Was done in Austria 2010.

    120 kmh in a 60 limit (bastard was standing just after the sign where it changed from 120 to 60) in Klagenfurt. 70 Euro fine, no other comebacks.
  8. We were in MT white fleet. And it was a camera not mk1 eyeball. Yeah I heard the Austrians were bad for it. Hopefully it's far too much paperwork for them to sort. Just hope there was a chopper on shift and chins it off. Would rather not fund the Austrians/deal with MT when I get back.
  9. If both cars are to be seen in the photo, then it is invalid as they can't prove which car was speeding. The Austrians do target foreign cars though, I got nailed for the equivalent of Dm 150 for being 15 km over the limit back in the late 80s, they settled for Dm120 as I didn't more than that in cash. I noticed that only out of country plates had been pulled over, and the locals were blasting by at a high rate of knots without any action from the local cops.
  10. I went to Misano on the Ducati last Sep and ******* caned it through Switzerland. It took just over 45 mins from the services on the south side of the San Gotthard Pass to the South of Milan :)
  11. That's going some if you took about 1h off the usual time. Did that include getting round the Tangenziale to the Bologna autostrada?