Speeding fines in Germany

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by phil37, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. Is there a time limit between speeding in Germany and receiving a fine for soldiers in station? I've seen cases were soldiers receive fines several months after the event. If there is a time limit then what would be the best course of action against the fines?
  2. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer


    We're in BFG. Hubby got pictured speeding in May. Got fine in July (end of I think). It was a fair cop, so he paid it but he had to pay it within one week of being handed it by the SSA (?) office. I would check with them how long you have to appeal because I have a feeling you have 28 days, but may very well be wrong.

    Sorry couldn't be any more help.

    Sam x
  3. If you were speeding then pay the fine. If you just want to try and get out of the fine I would suggest that trying to fight it through the system would cost a lot more than the fine will?

    If you didn't do it then get legal advice.
  4. Say what you like about the bosche, but one thing they are is efficient and through.

    None of this, the "fine was sent to the wrong house", "wrong date" or whatever... and no "we can't remember who was driving" excuses....

    The fine comes thorugh, it shows the driver, the plate and the speed....

    You pay the "admin fee" end of story.

    Go to fast, and you might get a ban. The Jerries don't go in greatly for points on licences.

    In short, if it was you in the pic, just man up and go and pay.
  5. Agreed, they are very efficient and you can actually lose your drving license for being intoxicated whilst riding a bycicle!
  6. I have no quarrels with paying speeding fines but surely there should be a minimum period in which you should receive the fine when in station - 3 weeks for instance.
  7. If my memory serves me, all German fines used to be sent to Jurisdiction Process Branch in JHQ. They locate the owner/driver and forward the fine to the local Provost Company, who in turn prepare paperwork and forward it to the unit's CO. Hence the delay.

    It can take some time, but far preferable to what went on before.
  8. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    According to the SSA they can serve it whenever, however when you get handed it you have 7 days to pay it - That being a week, not 7 working days. Reason for this is it can take some time to trace you apparently.
  9. Paperwork from my last fine (a cheeky 30km over the limit) stated I had 14 days to pay it and if I wanted to argue my case then all appeals have to be sent in German.
    I was overtaken by a van (german plates) the unmarked car let him go and pulled out behind me, over the next 10km I never caught the van but did become suspicious of the car behind that was matching my speed so I slowed down, they overtook and the little LED sign came up with "bitte folgen".
    I followed he stopped got out and went through the do you know how fast etc etc, I gave him my qtr address as I had just moved and hadnt changed my details with the BFG office, they still sent the fine to JHQ who sent it to my old unit who returned it, they then sent it to my new unit with a €20 euro admin charge and €3.50 something or other fee as well as the €80 but hey ho I was speeding so I've paid my fine.
  10. And the important bit, here you get the fine, you pay the fine, all is forgiven.

    not still paying for a bit over the limit 5 yrs on.
    very grown up system, although the speedtraps seem to increase in number on the run up to xmas!
  11. I was pulled into a GCP checkpoint for what I thought was a random stop. Turns out they were claiming I ran a red light which I know was Amber when I went through and usually would have stopped but there was a car right up my arse and a few months before someone ran into the back of my car, knocking me into the car in front writing my car off and causing my a lot of pain in the neck shoulder. I told the copper that it was amber and he said I should go speak the the guy in the unmarked car 20 meters before the lights. I done this and told him i believed it was amber, he said it was as I started going through but my rear wheels crossed on red and if i disagreed I should fight it all the way when I got the report but it should be just a 75 euro fine and that was all so I thought **** it i'll pay and forget. Got the letter through this afternoon and they want 113.50 euros and want to put 3 points on my licence. I think I will be fighting this as surely they require some kind of evidence and not the word of some civvy in a car 20 meters from the light. If they can use his word can I use my wife, who was also in the car and saw the lights, as a witness?
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    gingerslime - was it wet or in any way less than optimal driving conditions?
    Does the GCP statement mention the car behind you?
    I ran a red light and got off because I said the road was slippery and a car was very close behind and I did not want to cause an accident - BS'ish :wink:
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    To all you guys.

    I got fecked over 2 or 3 times as a squaddie - they know you have no money to fight and they know you get internal grief at your unit. They also know young guys with decent cars press the go button, and as a group UK toms have no voice if they pick on you rather than more widely distributed locals.
    If you speak the lingo and really know a little bit the world changes - I got a copper busted for lying about where he put his speed trap in Herford in the '90's - I was doing 55 in a 50, he tried to make out it was still in the 30 zone.
    I cannot give you a black and white - but if you think you are getting fecked over, take lots of photos with your mobile, appear confident, admit nothing and weigh the costs after getting some advice. If you are over for a few years enquire about rechtschutzversicherung (not even sure if squaddies can get it now but ask) HDI charge Eur 80 pa. This gives you legal insurance to fight things legal on all fronts with some caveats - if the insurance reckons the issues are reasonable.
    Ping me if you need more info.