Speeding fine in BFG

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Rockstar, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. I got flashed a while ago whilst ever so slightly over the limit by a fixed position camera.
    My fine is 180 Euros and I have a one month ban. Totally deserved, so I'm not contesting it.
    I'm deployed at the moment - does anyone know if I can serve the ban whilst deployed? I'm fine with sending my licence off from here to BFG VLO if that's what is required. The SgtMaj says I must be in BFG when I take the ban though. Unfortunately, I've no access to DII, so anyone who can help or provide me with a reference to whatever the relevant JSP or standing orders says would be great.
  2. I had a 1 month ban once in BFG. I took it whilst on course in the UK.
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  3. A friend of mine copped a drink driving ban just before the Battalion went to Cyprus.

    He somewhat naughtily took a Cypriot driving test and carried on normal jogging!
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  4. I've heard of them being taken whilst on course / ops etc. I just need to find something in writing to back it up!
  5. A lot of people did similar when out there.

    They got caught drink driving so before going to court got a Cyp license. Passed the test the surrendered that license when court date came through.
  6. 180 € and a months ban you were more than "slightly over"
    Under German law you can chose when you take the ban or pay extra and not be banned from driving.
    I tok mine to coincide with my anual leaver so that it didn´t cause too much hassle
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  7. Yes, I'm aware I can do that and may choose to pay the extra, just so I can enjoy my POTL. I'd like to take it now, so as not to totally screw up my leave, but my SgtMaj won't send the paperwork from Germany to me.

    I promise I was only "slightly" over....!
  8. Things have obviously changed in the Fatherland since I was there. I was hoofing the motor down Hoher Heckenweg in Munster one fine morning, trying to make the Workshop Parade when the Polizei stopped me for speeding. Cost me DM10 on the spot fine. Bastards!
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  9. Have you had the paperwork through yet? Give it to a German-speaking mate/mates wife. Unless its changed, a few years ago you could take it at any time within a certain window - very handy if you were soon to deploy.
  10. 76 in a 50 = 50DM
  11. I'm fluent myself. The paperwork is with the ROG, I'm deployed.
  12. Sorry, just read that now. Looks lke you need someone to 'borrow' it from the CSM, and send you a copy...
  13. Your Sgt Maj is being a cock. Provided the fine is paid and the ban is served (whenever) there is no issue.

    Sgt Maj's dealing with speeding fines? Where I have been in BFG, it was always a civvy clerk that dealt with them.
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  14. SSA deals with this stuff - bans taken whilst on course, tour, leave, etc are not a problem.
  15. How does your Sergeant Major know about your speeding fine? When I got mine in Hohne (albeit I am a civvy) It was sent in an envelope addressed to me. Is it usual practice to have mail opened on deployment?

    I know of RMP guys who have had Bans out in in BFG recently and they just elected to have them whilst on leave, got a mucker to drive them to the border and went from there on their own.