Speeding crimes go out of court

The courts will no longer deal with low-level motoring offences such as speeding. there will be more summary justice to deal with minor offences - a major change to the current system.

There will be a new "bulk processing centre" to deal with motoring offences and TV licence dodgers.

Motorists who deny the offences will still get the chance to go to court. It currently takes an average of 153 days from an offence being committed to it being dealt with by magistrates.

Sir Ian Blair, last year put forward radical proposals for a new breed of policeman with on-the-spot powers to confiscate driving licences and issue anti-social behaviour orders. However the Lord Chancellor put a stop to that one!.

Looks like Sir Ian & Lord Falconer are not the best of buddys!!
This is a special motoring offences court in bournemouth a mate of mine got caught speeding. He said it was like the old military march the guilty barsteward in style of justice.

Verdict and punishment seemed to have been decided before he'd even walked through the door
When I went to Court, the two JP's listened to my plea of mitigation, the Duty Solicitor mentioned a point of law, the Clerk nodded his head, and the two JP's read the sentence of a guideline in front of them.

I could see the lady JP run her finger down a sheet of paper, slide along to whatever column said "This is what to hit him with", looked at her fellow JP who nodded and read out the fine.

Oh - and then asked if I had my credit card with me, before the Usher took me to a cashpoint machine to pay!

Who says Justice isn't efficient in this country?
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