Speeding conviction


I have one final question regarding joining.

I was convicted in a court for a speeding offense, which I received points and a fine for. I did not put this down on my application, and I am beginning to worry about it's impact now, as it appears that motoring convictions and criminal convictions are treated the same.

Will this be brought up?

Will it slow my security clearance down?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I know - I'm stupid to have left it off!


I would say get in touch with your ACIO sharpish!
any discrepancy will cuase you problems,

if you are under investigation by the police the army need to know,
if you have any convicions within 6 months of joining they need to know.
I'm not under investigation, nor do I have any criminal convictions.

The speeding conviction was 18 months ago.

I gather this is something that will be brought up then? :(

EDIT: Is a conviction for a motoring offense, handed out by a magistrates equal to a criminal record? I've never done a thing wrong in my life, bar the speeding offense.
It will show up on your record yes.
still tell your AICO about it like when they open,
dont quote me on this but i dont think it will be a problem as its over 6 months ago..
not planning on being an RLC driver are you? :p
Speeding convictions depend on how fast and where.....if you received a fixed penalty for say, 38mph in a 30mph zone, that is quite different from being brought to court for 65mph in a 30mph zone, if you see what I mean.

Having said that, the vetting people, depending on what type of vetting you require, look at the answers you give to determine your honest and integrity. If you are not disclosing a motoring offence, what else might you not be disclosing?

Honesty is always the very best policy when joining up. It means that things do not come back to haunt you later.

Speak to the AFCO now!
Just be honest, gone are the days when you could hide convictions, while your at it own up to how many stds you've been exposed to.

It all depends on what stage of the process you are in at the moment, hopefully you havent lied on any of your interviews as it could go against you.

It also depends on your CEG and if you are under 21 as i presume the points are still on your licence. Speak to the ACIO ASAP, it may not go against you but ONCE YOU ARE IN AND THEY FIND OUT, you will be booted out.

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