SpeedFerries 15% discount

SpeedFerries - fast ferry service between Dover and Boulogne takes just 50 minutes to cross the Channel. We are able to offer a 15% discount off our FLEX tickets to all Forces Personnel. You must use this link to obtain the discount which will be shown on the price quote page once your sailing dates and times have been chosen.

Just click this line to get a discounted fare SpeedFerries Forces Discount
Hi, sorry for the late reply but I am exceptionally busy and am not able to constantly monitor this site. The 15% discount is working and can be found by clicking on FREE ARRSE, SEARCH LINKS, FAVOURITE LINKS. Please click on the link that appears in the list and not the link which appears top left as that link seems to be incorrect. I will get that changed as soon as possible. If you still find you get the same prices through the discount link that is available to the general public please let me know.

Due to small margins we are not able to discount the BASIC ticket, which is a no frills, non-amendable ticket. The FLEX ticket for which we have given the 15% discount is the better ticket and fully amendable. From time to time you may find the BASIC is cheaper than the discounted FLEX, especially when booking far in advance of departure but generally the discounted FLEX ticket is best. It is not possible to get the FLEX ticket always at the best price for various reasons, in particular the man hours required to monitor the many thousands of constantly changing prices on our site for the different crossings. To our knowledge, the 15% discount is the best discount offered to the Armed Forces by any ferry operator. We are proud of the job you all do and endeavour to deliver the best possible prices and service to you at all times. If you find a better discount on ferries to France please let me know.
What about ex forces personal? do they get a discount as well and if so what proof would be required that we were in the Forces??I still have my Old pink ID card :wink:

I live in Germany and Travel to the the UK once a year
Thanks in advance

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