Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Redshaggydog, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. What is it with 'Grey Hairs'?

    Driving home tonight I got stuck behind a Grey Hair, 40 MPH all the way. Whilst I can just about live with that, and the 10 mile line of traffic behind him what I can not fcking understand is that the complete tawt then continues at 40 Mph through all the 30 Mph areas. CNUNT

    What is wrong with the twats, do they need new glasses or are they just too lazy to slow down to the correct speed.
  2. Another fun thing is the middle aged lady driver that does twenty miles an hour in a built up area with a thirty mile per hour speed limit but still travels at twenty miles an hour through red traffic lights, stop signs and pedestrian crossings with children on them.

    LOL Redshaggydog

    Saludos Amigo
  3. I can't stand the clowns who travel at 50mph on a motorway. They stick to it even when passing slow moving heavy vehicles. They should be dragged from their cars and beaten to death with a Little Chef Olympic Breakfast with a small pot of tea. I don't advovate speeding but if you want to drive that slowly, take the scenic route.

    At the other end of the scale, we live in the sticks and the speed that some people drive around the lanes is frightening. There's loads of kids out on bikes just now with the school. holidays being on and I wouldn't be surprised if we have a fatal soon. You never see a police car around here. The worst offenders are Squaddies. They drive like c*nts through Catterick, in and out of military vehicles.
  4. (My bold) If this person really did continue at 40 mph through all the 30 mph areas, as you so scathingly describe, the intruiging question that comes to mind is: how do you know that? Somebody who's going 10 mph faster than you will open up quite a distance rather swiftly. Therfore, the only way you could have known this is if you'd kept up with said person - thus doing exactly the same as you accuse her/him of.

    Another point is that your main beef seems to be that other road users are not complying to your rules on the road, i.e. not driving in a manner with which you approve. However, and taking recourse to the basic principles of equality (of which I'm sure you approve), if you feel that you can demand compliance to your own personal rules, is it so unreasonable to suppose that other people can demand the same sort of compliance from you?

    Just a thought.

  5. I suppose this is a little bit [ or a lot off topic ] off topic but in Chile in the 1980s I was on a Chilean intercity bus and it was quite an okay bus but it had been built in the 1960s so it was not exactly a hotrod and we got passed by an Argy [ Argentine ] registered bus and there was no chance the bus I was on could catch up with it, because the Argy bus was a brand new top of the range piece of kit complete with even a facility to vary the tyre pressures from the driver's cab. So ahead was a diversion because we were on the ridge of a mountain and part of the road had tilted as it was starting to slide down the mountain and the Argy bus took the diversion and we didn't [ so as to get ahead of the Argy bus ] and everybody started cheering and I am here to tell you folks about it, so the Gods were with us!

    Saludos Amigos
  6. Wow Zapata! What an exciting story!!!
    I was on the edge of the bog in a fever of anxiety. Only the last little bit was rather disappointing (starting from the last "and").

  7. Oh, I actually thought I was less popular than that. What a pleasant surprize! LOL Bugsy7 :D


    Saludos Amigo
  8. Bugsy7

    Yes and No, yes he did swiftly put distance between himself and I and No I was not travelling at the same speed. I then caught up the first time because back onto the National Speed limit, I caught the prat up within a mile or so.

    I dont make the speed rules (wish I did because housing estates, school areas etc would be down to 20Mph) and I certainly don't have my own set of rules that I would like others to conform too, just the set speed limits might be nice. May save a kid or two, don't you think old chap.

    30Mph speed limits are set for a reason. The main reason being that people (normally kids) are walking around the area. Hit someone at 40 and they are as good as dead, hit them at 30 and they may survive.
  9. There's no point in reducing speed limits if people refuse to adhere to them. Many whine about speed cameras but they do make people think twice, particularly if they've been caught before and are running out of points.

    Saying that, North East tonight reported last night on a clown from Hartepool who had been caught driving whilst disqualified (he'd even got himself a job as a driver). The cameras followed him to court where he was tried for threatening behaviour following a road rage incident and a few other related offences. He expected to go to jail but magistrates gave him a community order. He promptly tells the TV cameras that he'll not fulfil his obligation and that he'll continue to drive as that's how he made his living..........depite serving a previous driving ban. The Cops must have felt chuffed with that sentence. I wonder how the Magistrates felt?

    Nobody gives a shit about speeding. If people get killed, well tough sh*t. that's how it is. Driver didn't have insurance? was drunk? stolen car?...well, there's always an excuse to get them off isn't there? The country is sympathetic to those who drive above the speed limt becasue we all do it. We are still up in arms about speed cameras. The only problem with speed cameras as far as I'm concerned is that there isn't enough of them.

    Having witnessed the family and friends of an accused whoop, cheer and applaude his 'light' sentence having caused a death on a road, all whilst the family of the deceased were in the same court room, I am of the opinion that we do not give a f*ck abot people who drive whilst drunk, disqualified, under the influence of drugs or above the speed limit.

    Just as long as it's not one of ours who gets killed, people can do as they please.
  10. Just look to see if they are wearing a hat. Be they young (baseball cap) or old (trilby etc.) they feel that not only is their driving safe but also that it will rain in their car.
  11. I agree with Biscuits!

    And I agree with the originator of the thread: the drivers who travel at 40-50mph, no matter where they are, deserve shooting, or worse!

    If you find yourself always close behind someone, swearing that they are going too slowly, try checking your speedometer and the speed limit! If you are in a built-up area and there are street lights but no repeaters are visible - you are in a 30mph zone! The roads around Deepcut spring to mind!

  12. The roads around Catterick as well and the biggest offenders are squaddies, some of whom probably read this site.
  13. Yea try replying to this whilst driving one handed looking for the next wifi hotspot,
  14. Very true what's been said about speed limits so far, however, although the Govt is considering lowering speed limits on single lane country roads, from 60 to 40/50;

    How about RAISING some in areas in which it can be safely done.

    There are dual carriageways near me which are separated by central reservations and are a 40 limit and have been so since the 60s.

    These could easily be 50/60, oh but then the myriad of speed cameras wont raise so much catching drivers who drive at the appropriate speed for the conditions.