Speed march with bergen-Practice?

Evening all, i'm yet to complete my AOSB briefing which is due towards the end of Nov, with an aim of attending OTC in the September 2010 intake so please be more than willing to tell me if i'm getting ahead of myself! But my question is this, would you recommend getting some practice speed marching with a weighted bergen through varied forested trail terrain? If so what type of bergen should i be using, what weight, what distance and what type of boots (i'm presuming standard issue army as they'll be what i'm wearing OTC?!?!).
I ask as i'm worried that ill be in for a major shock if/when i get in, i consider myself to be very fit regarding cardio, i'm a keen club long distance runner and i've had to cut my running down from 50+ miles a week to 30 to factor in the upper body work i'm doing in the gym 3 times a week as i look like what most people imagine a long distance runner to be...a long streak of piss! I'm considering doing one speed march with bergen on a sunday. I've got my heart set on the Parachute Regiment and in all honesty i don't think i'm doing enough!
Thanks for taking the time to read this, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
From what you've just written I think you'll be just fine at a UOTC. Especially given you have a year before entry! I know people at UOTCs who would struggle to run a bath..

Likewise, the advice given to potential officers before going to RMAS is NOT to train with weight. If, as you say, you are tall and wiry, then just crack on with the weights and the gym rather than lumping weight on your back..there are a number of people and threads on this site that will recommend courses of action to take to strengthen your load-carrying ability!
i_love_ftorres said:
i consider myself to be very fit regarding cardio, i'm a keen club long distance runner and i've had to cut my running down from 50+ miles a week to 30 to factor in the upper body work i'm doing in the gym 3 times a week
You'll be fine! That amount of training makes me feel like a right couch potato.

By all accounts you shouldn't do too much weighted marching or running as this will be introduced to you in increments during initial training and can otherwise damage you. Just concentrate on hauling yourself about with your arms and as you already run like there's no tomorrow I would have thought you'll be leading the pack fitness wise come Sandhurst.

By the way thats the intake I'm aiming for too. We may be on the same briefing as well, mine being the 23rd/24th of November.
dont do too much too soon.....will inevitably lead to injury you lanky streak of urine! you seem to have massive CV fitness, so carrying weight will purely be down to mental stamina! easy!

*edited, for being less than intelligent*
Cheers for the heads up guys, looks like more of the gym and more protein shakes! Yay!! :roll: Comlag i'm on the following briefing on the 30/11-1/12, if i'm honest the MAP test worries me more, done well on the the numerical and verbal questions that came with the briefing info but the abstract reasoning!?!?! F*$ my old boots! Waiting for some books from amazon to arrive to hopefully enlighten me somewhat! Good luck Comlag hopefully be seeing you at the AOSB main board, and then Sandhurst. Somewhat off subject, channel 4 10.45 Generation kill. About the US Marine 1st Recon leading the first wave into Baghdad in the Gulf war 2, read the book which this drama is based on and it was excellent, reviews of the drama likewise.
Krek_Brizzle said:
Oh God. Are there many people like this chap at RMAS? If yes then I'm done for.
Seconded. Although, the way I'm hearing it played at the moment, chaps like this biff themselves ASAP, then get Lucknowed for a year or two...

So to the OP- I'm in awe, but watch you don't overdo it, hey?
30 miles a week? Before your briefing? You need to get out mate.

I consider myself to be as fit as I've ever been, and that's just from 2 games of football a week and 2x2mile runs. I don't go to the gym, just practise the sit-ups and push-ups required for the main board.

I just did the Briefing and the only forest trail you walk through is behind the obstacle course in case you need to take a leak without the group leader seeing.
Exwing if you consider yourself to be as fit as you'll ever be off 2x2 mile runs a week and a couple of games of football a week, you are either A. the love child of Lance Armstrong and Paula Radcliffe or B. Rather deluded and talking bullsh%t. :?

If you didn't take the time to read my original post allow me to remind you that my chosen sport is long distance running and seeing as how i'm training for a marathon in spring of next year with a target time of 2hr 50mins i can assure you 50 miles a week is barely enough let alone 30.

You may be happy with just doing the bare minimum to pass the required standard, but i am not.

You'll need to learn to read properly, and get off that high horse before you get to Sandhurst. Your comment "If you didn't take the time to read my original post" is somewhat amusing, given you misread his reply.
B_B how did i misread his reply? I think for Exwing to infer the 30 miles a week of running i do is slightly strange or in some way indicitive of me being rather lacking in a social circle an insult. I'd agree that 30 miles a week would be excessive if i was running purely to improve my CV fitness but i'm not, i do it because i want to competitive in what i do. And re Brizzle, i'll have to agree, slightly pedantic tone on re read, considered told. :oops:
Exwing said, " consider myself to be as fit as I've ever been,"

You read it as "Exwing if you consider yourself to be as fit as you'll ever be " which is not the same thing.
Exwing - "I consider myself to be as fit as I've ever been"

i_love_ftorres, your interpretation of this was "Exwing if you consider yourself to be as fit as you'll ever be"

He wasn't saying that is as fit as he'll ever be at all, merely that he was fitter than he'd ever been previously.

Good luck though.
Even Lumplard understood, and he's a baby Monkey..

You'll be fine as an Officer, youth...

Owned. Yep your right. I still think the tone of his message is slightly condescending. I just want to be as fit as i can possibly be and i'll be the first to admit that i'm not at the pub as much as my mates, but thats a small price to pay IMHO. I'll hold my hands up to being rather prickly about the subject cause i'm getting it in the ear from my girlfriend, mates and family that i'm doing too much and then someone else who is aiming for the same target as myself to share the same opinion...Maybe i am :?

Please for the love of god calm down, you're the kind of chap that forces us to do even more for that OJAR...in my (limited) experience, your fitness will actually decline a bit at RMAS, and certainly at UOTC. There's far too much drinking to be done. As I think I have mentioned to a few other posters, potential officers ought to get out and about and be as rounded a person (culturally-before Bravo Bravo gets in there.)

Your keenness is admirable, but ease off a bit!
Chipping in if I may, I hammered myself at phys before going on my JNCO cadre. 2 weeks into it I was was nearly burned out. Got through it, but it was a grizz.

If I was going through something like that again, I wouldn't bother bergan running. Would just concentrate on getting some good quality running sessions in (hill reps, fartlek etc) and decent circuits for the upper body (ton-ups etc) and make sure you get plenty rest before starting whatever it is your going for, RMAS or OTC.

No worries mate, my tone may have been misleading. I didn't mean to say you were some form of social recluse, just that that amount of exercise is a lot in the context you are putting it in. Marathon's of 2hrs 50mins, are impressive and if that is your passion then go for it.

I am expecting to get to Sandhurst to be as fit as I can be, but still expecting to get an absolute beasting. My feet will fall off, and my legs won't know when they can stop to rebuild those shreaded muscles. Everyone has their obstacles to get over, fitness isn't my main concern, as I'm sure after a 70k romp with full pack, up and down mountains in the pouring rain, everyone, regardless of pre-training is going to be destroyed and mental fight is more of a factor than track times.

Good luck though with your training, don't get injured. (He says sitting at work with a broken foot).
I hope to god that when I get in there aren't a load more long distance running fanatics .. I can manage ten miles a week (with swimming and gym) and think I'm dying after it's all over!

Good luck though, but yeah think it's a bit to extreme for Sandhurst but like you say you're training for your marathon so I imagine that you know best when it comes to exercise for that.

Good to know about the bergen as I've been eyeing up my backpack and considering piling some things in there, very relieved to know this is probably not a good idea...
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