Speed Limit Enforcer

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Legs, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Government Advisors are 'suggesting' that a speed limit enforcer is fitted to cars.Linky thing

    Nowe this thing will automatically slow you down to the speed limit, and stop you going over it. Am I alone when I think that this is dangerous?

    Imagine, you are going along a nice straight road, and you come to a car doing 5mph below the limit. You see a gap, put your foot down and overtake, and the limiter slows you down leaving you right in the path of the oncoming truck that you would have avaoided if you were doing 10mph over the limit (as you are allowed to do when overtaking so I am told)

    Also... Where would the Government get it's money from if it couldn't fine you for going 5mph over the limit?
  2. Just for wimmin drivers?
  3. This was meant to come in years ago but was quietly sidelined because it doesn't actually work. Your average satnav doesn't even know the speed of some roads anyway. As for the dangers of speed limiters, well plenty of drivers have to cope with this at work.
  4. Radio 4 report said there will be an over-ride button and it will not be compulsory. They said!
  5. I have a SatNav that has a function, when switched on, that informs me of being over the limit. It is tied to my vehicles speedo.

    Seems to work VERY well, esp on roads I am not familier with, just a polite "You are going to fast". It doesn´t know about tempory speed limits. It works if I am following a route or not. If I am not following a route, the speed limit of the raod is displayed on the LHS of the screen (where the ETA would be).

    It also tells me where all accident blackspots are (downloded from a site), and as the government insist that ALL speed cameras are in accident black spots it also tells me if "traffic enforcement" is in place at said black spot.

    I grew quite sick of looking down all the time to check I wasn´t above the speed limit. Now I don´t have to.

    If it was not an actual governer, and merely enformed you of your speed, I would say good system.

    I am not that sure about a compter setting your max speed.

    Legs there is no allowance for overtaking, if you overtake at 5mph faster than the limit, you are still breaking the limit.

    Whilst I can´t condone the "but you need extra speed to get out of a situation" theory, after all you shouldn´t put yourself i nthat position in the first p lace, reality shows that on occaision it IS neccesary. Not always because of the your fault.
  6. Bloody nanny state. I'm perfectly capable of pressing the accelerator when I want to go faster, and the brake when I want to slow down, and I don't need a computer to do it for me.

    What is it about bureaucrats that they think that taking independence of action away from an individual is a good thing?
  7. "Ministers are planning to help councils draw up digital maps with details of the legal speed on every road."

    Oh and by the way those could of course be used for local road pricing as well. Just another stalking horse, nothing to do with "safety".

    The "Motorists Forum" which is said to be all in favour of this actually contains no motorists at all, just representatives of worthy bodies and is a just a captive subset of the Commission for Integrated Transport, which is stacked with Liarbor placepersons.

    This is the body which self proclaims:

    UK an international leader in road pricing, says Government's transport advisor

    "The Commission for Integrated Transport today praised UK progress on road pricing. Launching the Commission's latest report on road pricing around the world, Commission Chairman Peter Hendy told a London conference:

    "The Government's work towards national road pricing through local pilots puts it right at the head of the international field. The UK and the Netherlands are the only countries in the world who currently have a strategy to introduce national road pricing. However, we believe the UK's learning-by-doing approach is the best way to minimize risks and make early progress."
    Mr Hendy called on the UK Government to maintain the momentum on road-pricing:

    "In particular, CfIT will be supportive of moving the public debate forward as soon as Government feels comfortable with setting out a national framework within which local schemes can operate. Our work, and that of Sir Rod Eddington, sets out the issues - and, in due course, the decisions - which need careful analysis."

    So, an open a fair agenda at work there then.
  8. Just think, if that fat cnut Gordon doesn't like what you have said about him or his govn't, just as you're overtaking an old lady he could press a button that kills your engine. Voila, one less none-labour voter to worry about...!
  9. Well said. it's this kind of namby pamby crApn that i really hate about this once great nation.
  10. Once again the Gubmint and its apparatchiks rely on the same moronic "Speed Kills" bo**ocks to further their agenda. The idea that artificially limiting cars to a fixed speed limit, which takes no account of variable local conditions, is somehow going to make a drastic impact on the road accident stats, is derisory.

    Speed on its own doesn't kill. Bad driving, which can include excessive speed, is what kills.

    Unfortunately enforcing bad driving would involve actually investing in more traffic police who are able to spot offenders and apprehend them in real time.

    I wonder if this proposed scheme would really be as "voluntary" as the man from the Motorists' Forum makes out. "Of course you can opt out of the scheme Mr. Dishything, it's entirely voluntary. Oh by the way, the tax you pay on your car insurance has just doubled due to your flagrant disregard of our Speed Kills message and your car tax has increased to £1,000 a year due to your selfish destruction of the environment. Still want to do without that black box?"
  11. Come on its not going to happen...

    Think how much revenue the PM is going to lose out on speeding tickets.
  12. The whole speed thing needs looking at any way.

    The motorways could stand a bit more speed.

    Meanwhile in residential aresas, a bit more slowing might help.

    20mphoutside schools at kickout time?

    And no parking without a permit in school areas at kickout times.
  13. my cruise control acts as a speed limiter too, I can set it to 77Mph for motorways, and it will hold me to a maximum of just over 70MPH calibrated on a gps. Very useful in town where I set it to 33MPh. it helps to prevent my lead right foot taking me inadvertantly over the limit
  14. The thing they always miss when they bring this up is that if life is indanger you are allowed to speed.

    Thats why if your stopped by the police on the way to the hospital with someone dieing in your car they offer to escort you, it's also how beckham got of some speeding tickets whilst being chased by the paperapzi (sp?).

    If they bring this system in the will be no allowance for this, unless they fit an override but if they do that i'll just tape it down all the time.

  15. Shame most speed limits these days are inappropriate, generally too low but some too high.

    The blanket 30s set up in many places are simply unrealistic and unenforceable.