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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by NWoo, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. Whilst running the risk of getting ruined for not doing this the 'right' way (this is the first time i have ever been on a forum so no idea how to ask questions yet)... can anyone help with the speed distance time problem I'm getting..... I get most of the questions I practice right where I can easily divide down the top and bottom numbers to get into 60, but the problem i have is when you cannot divide down i.e you cannot get a number to go into both and your stuck for example.... at 85mph how far would you travel in 24 minutes? the answer is apparently 34 miles.... but I dont get how to work that out in my head.... any help would be realy greatly appreciated...
  2. Eh? The first time you've ever been on a forum? and you choose the one you're most likely to get electronically molested? I call Sock Puppet and claim my QDJM.
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  4. If you are travelling 85 miles an hour then you are travelling 85 miles in 60 minutes. So you want to know how far you will travel in 1 minute. 85/60=1.4166 then just multiply by number of minutes. 1.4166 x 24 = 34. Just remember to think about what 1 minute represents.
  5. 24 minutes is a bit less than 1/2 an hour so you'll go a bit less than 1/2 of 85 miles. 38 or something.
    It is often useful to do a calculation like that first to check it against your "proper working out"

    "of = times"
  6. 85/60*24 is still an answer

    85mph is 85 miles in an hour
    divided by 60 is your miles in a minute
    multiplied by 24 is the answer.

    I think most would forgive not being able to do 85/60*24 in your head. So showing your working out still wins points.
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    This hastily cobbled together pictogram should help.

    Speed (85) x Time (24) = Distance 2040 seconds . Divide that by 60 to alter seconds to hours and there you go. 34

    The triangular thing denotes how you should treat each question with regard to multiplication or division.
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  8. Hi, i've hopefully got my AOSB early on in the new year, been doing quite a lot of this type of thing.
    I got 34 miles, this is how i did it-
    I know that i go 85 miles in 1 hour
    so i do 42.5 miles in 30 mins
    then i divided that by 10 to get 4.25 miles in 3 minutes
    i need the distance for 24 minutes, and i know that there are 8 3's in 24, so i multiplied 4.25 by 8 to get 34 miles.
    Hope this helped.....
  9. Er, about to edit...you meant 34 miles. not minutes in your original.

    Happy to add to the confusion, over what is a pretty basic subject.
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    You're not wrong Arte. I'm looking at primary school maths through a fug of cider and doubting myself. Very odd indeed.

    Bastarding apple juice.
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  11. Serious answer:

    Learn the factors of 60.

    24 is twice 12, 12 is 1/5 of 60.

    So 12 mins at 85 mph will give you 1/5 of 85 - which is easily divisible by 5 (to give 17 - 5's into 80 go 16, plus 1 for the 5).

    Double it to get 34. Use Bad Pixel's method to check your answer, and hey presto.

    Now go and learn some ******* maths!
  12. The questions at Briefing and Main Board tend to divide nicely, at worst .5 maybe. As far as I can remember you're not furnished with a calculator and "at the board" it's a bit stiff to ask you to divide down to silly fractions.
  13. 16 x 45

    I would start with 10 times 45 then add 6 times 45
    10 x 45 = 450

    6 x 45 = fucknose = 3 x 90 = 270

    450 + 270 = 720
  14. 450 + 30 + 240