Speed display units Blandford Camp

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dirt_bike_rider, Jan 6, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone noticed the new speed display units on Blandford Camp. As per usual the the Royal Corp has spent a vast amount of money on kit that does not work, let me explain.....

    No matter how fast I drive past these things, it keeps telling me that I am only doing 20MPH when blatantley in every dirt bike I ride I have been doing over 60MPH!!

    I have since been to the local bike club dealership and spent loads of cash in making sure my speedo is correctly calibrated, which I am now assured it is. I went for one final test run this morning at nearly broke the sound barrier going through it and guess what..................20MPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a waste of money!!

    Over and Out.

    The Orginal Dirt Bike Rider!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Is this a wah? I'll bite anyway:

    It displays the speed limit and the fact that you're breaking it. Not what speed you're doing.

  3. Oh I never thought of that! Ill go and test that out now with another lap of camp!

    Beware of Speeding Dirt Bikes!!

    The Original Dirt Bike Rider.

    Happy Riding!
  4. Duh !
    Fall on your head mate?
    My missus did the same thing with the MOT place in Charlton Marshall. There is a neon sign that indicates the next free MOT slot. Once she piped up "That clocks always fast..."
  5. I thought you signals types were supposed to be intelligent :roll:
  6. Really....??

    Does the term 'Driver Lineman' mean anything to you...??
  7. this has been done to death elsewhere

    can't be arrsed to dig up the thread it's the beautification of blandford one
  8. M0ng!!!
  9. Guru said his Missus, no suggestion that SHE was intelligent 8O