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Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by StabTiffy2B, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. Right then. Was listening to the radio this morning (Vibe) and it mentioned this speed dating malarky. Basically you get three minutes with each person then have to move onto another. You've all got numbers and at the end of the night you tell the organisers the numbers of the people you like. They then pass your details on.

    I was giggling my t1ts off at the thought of how desperate people must be to sink to something this low, as the Mrs growled at me. Apparently loads of her mates have tried it :D When I got to work, it turns out that loads of the doris's here have tried it too.

    So then. Over to the forum, have any of you been 'speed dating' and did it work? Was it full of desperate fat birds or should I sign myself up for a nice bit of blonde totty 'on the side'?
  2. And is it full of fat ugly sad blokes? :lol:
  3. Sounds almost like a challenge, how many different ways can you say “do you shag?” before you start repeating the same lines :?

    Why are you posting in Lonely Hearts? You know ScarySpice doesn’t like us… I’m taking bets on how long it take us to force her to lock this thread

  4. :) Never tried it and anyway I don't think I'd enjoy having to convince some girl to like me. Chances are that there is only one decent girl there anyway and before she got to me I'd have to spend valuable minutes of my life talking to the fat single mothers or screwed-up 35 year old career women whose supply and quality of eggs is diminishing as I speak to her....
  5. Three minutes with each person? you'd barely have time to pull your trousers up. :D
  6. msr

    msr LE

    My arrse ;)

    Your description sounds just like the one my mate told to me...

  7. Tried it once (went with a group of mates).

    Apparently all of the women I met were "too busy" too meet people in the normal fashion.

    Does stuffing your face with pies and chocolate take up so much time? There was only one worth a push round the carpet, and she wasn't single (there giving moral support for a mate apparently). Two of the other dorii present managed to work marriage or weddings into the conversation well within the three minutes, and one very memorable chick managed to tell me that she didn't like pubs, drinking, restaurants, football, children, fast food, pub food and smoking. Unless she gives astounding mouthjobs, she's destined to die alone.

    I shall not be going again.
  8. Gingwarr seems to be our resident expert of the moment.

    How many people did you meet in one night?

    Is it purely hetro? Last thing I would want is some bottom toucher sitting down with me, even if it is only for three minutes.

    Can you pick the women you chat to, or is it random?

    Goku: are you implying that Scaryspice is some sort of fascist that blames me and thee for ruining threads, when others are more to blame?
  9. She loves us really :D
  10. :) It's true that I've never tried speed dating but my mum did used to shove one aspiring fat single mother after another my way whenever I was back on leave in Scotland and my sister is STILL shoving the odd screwed-up baby-coveting career women my way whenever I visit her in Farnham. And frankly I've had enough of it :)
  11. It could be worse, it could be desperate slag interviewin desperate sad lad

    D.S wots ya name, ow bigs ya willy, lemme see...hump, hump. hump..NEXT 8O
  12. My bold.

    I'd also chuck in that the majority of women there were either stressed out professionals or wannabees. There was bugger all humour during the evening, and you do have to bear in mind that apart from some of the girls who went there for a laugh, the majority of females were bitter and twisted harpies who couldn't meet men elsewhere, or girls without the social skills/social life to meet a bloke.


    If you're desperate, try the Church, or the Swan or something.
  13. msr

    msr LE

  14. Never done speed dating but have done moveable dinners where the men move around a certain number of places around the table after every course. A lot of the same sorts of women seem to come along but at least you have two options to choose from after every switch and longer than 3 minutes to chat if they're interesting. If not, you can concentrate on your food, emitting the odd sound effect to indicate that you are in fact listening to them drivel on about their problems. Actually come to think of it, have some some rather nice young ladies at these sorts of things!
  15. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Um. No, she doesn't. Well that didn't take three seconds never mind three minutes.... :)

    I reckon you lost your bet though Goku - more than 12 hours and still going, mind you I've been away all day and the site was down all evening.

    Right back to speed dating - it was just getting interesting....