Speed Cameras

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by semper, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. I drove through a Speed Camera well below the speed limit, 30 mph through a 40 Camera, but a car drove through above the speed limit and the camera flashed while we are both in the same striped zone at the same time.

    I am concerned as to whether they do check the Photo or do they just automatically send the ticket out to anyone in that zone anyway, as I would not want a ticket as well as that other bloke, I hope that is not the case.

    does anybody in the know can help to clear that up ?
  2. they supposedly check the photo, measure the distance the vehicle has driven between photo one and two, one little bit of mathematics later and you can work out the speed.
  3. Also the beam can be bounced around a bit causing fake readings,


    Most of the mistakes stemmed from the gun's wide beam picking up readings from overtaking cars and parked vehicles. Reflections from the road surface, hoardings, fences and even traffic signs also produced errors.

    This is a radar gun but is the same as Gatso cameras
  4. If you know you where (well) within the speed limit, what's the worry?

    Have faith in your Nation's network of beavering boffins!
    The white lines are at a set distance, and from that and the timestamps on the photo's, you can work out the speed of an object between two points.

    IF you do receive a ticket, you should ask for the evidence yourself, and conduct your own analysis. Either go and measure a fixed point on the road visible in both photos and check comparative distance, or get someone to do it for you, or just contest the fine normally.

    Don't worry feller.

    (Once revoked, once banned)
  5. Are Gatso's not photographic??
  6. Yeah, Gatso being the permanent one at the side of the road, but my meaning was that the beam can reflect off two cars at the same time producing a false higher reading
  7. As i understand it, although i may be wrong, the targeting beam can well be set off by a passing car at a higher speed, although Gatso's do not use a beam of sorts to calculate speed.

    That's the mobile ones that do that, i think.
  8. As i thought, then :)
  9. I was always under the impression that , although you can't see it, the camera takes two pictures and the difference in distance according to the marks on the road show the speed. That being so it doesn't matter id there is another car overtaking it will simply show where the distance each car has travelled and if you're within the limit you have no problem.
  10. Happened to me whilst riding my motorbike. A car was speeding in the inside lane performing an "undertaking" manoeuvre, not realising the speed camera was there.

    The camera flashed at the stage of where both me and the car were level.

    The camera takes 2 shots to allow the working out of the speed by the distance travelled in the period between the two photographs.

    This will ensure they collar the offender.

    Don`t worry about it.
  11. ok cheers chaps for the input, Its probably just a little paranoia on my part that they may try to get Two for the price of One.

    I always drive at least 10 mph below speed limit through speed checks and Cameras, not just to avoid being flashed, I see as a small form of protest by depriving the Govt of my Money.

    Speed Cameras are quite pointless as they wont catch dangerous drivers, drunk drivers, unlicensed and illegal driver.

    speed does not kill, dangerous driving does.
  12. Looks like you've done a lot of looking on the internet, but are absolutely clueless on what you are on about.

    Posting random links is not helping the original poster.
  13. The white marks in the centre of or on either side of the carriageway are used to determine the speed, i believe each mark equates to 5mph when the two photos are compared.

    When we used to get tickets in the bomb vans the chief clerk used to send them back to the issuing force unsigned with a standard letter saying we were responding to an incident - never heard of one being chased up.

  14. Surely the mark would equate to a set distance, not a speed?