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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Overstretch?, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. Anyone got advice on how to get out of this one?....

    Got flashed (by a speed camera!!) on the M4 last night on my way to Warminster in a military hire car. Road was clear, only doing 65mph...but in a temporary 50 zone. Supposedly there was roadworks but no lanes were narrowed or closed. No workmen or plant present - no bloody reason for reducing the speed limit!

    Sensible suggestions only pse, as my wife is well p@@sed of at me and I need some form of defence!

    Should I fight it (how??) or take it on the chin??
  2. Definately ask to see the picture, to confirm it was you... Or not.
  3. The route i took was to go to court and contest the need for a camera in the location, if no workmen where working at the time and there is no other viable reason for the limit (IE incomplete fencing, a risk from outside interference from past the road) and you can sucka judge's ccok amazingly, you might be alright.
    9 points on a 6-point-provisional but no ban as yet.... All mobile cameras, all on safe roads...
  4. I take it you obviously weren't ok though.

    All those points on a provisionaly licence, you must be really good at been a bad driver.
  5. Nono, just unlucky at being caught by mobile cameras!
    Always wanted just to put my foot down and ram the grinning cnut behind the camera!
  6. Ask for photo evidence, request court hearing and then FULL disclosure of all evidence, eg name of camera operator who 'loaded' the camera when he/she was last trained/qualified in task. Ask for calibration certificate of device etc etc basically all the legal moves to try and get them to drop the case because they have either fcuked up or cant produce requested documents. But DO NOT I repeat DO NOT even attempt to lie or say it was someone else driving I was at home/pub/walking the dog. Any lies could be seen as an Attempt to Pervert course of justice an almost defenite trip to prison on conviction!!!!!! Good Luck. ps if your licence is at risk well worth a visit to a reputable solicitor.
  7. Or you could just plead guilty, and save everyone the hassle. If you try and play the system, it will fcuk you right back.
  8. Ignore all the urban myths and the "foolproof" standard letters anti-speed camera websites encourage you to write, claiming your human rights are being abused and all that malarkey. They've heard it all before.

    It boils down to this:

    1. You don't know yet whether the gatso in question was loaded or not. If receive a notice within 14 days then you'll need to worry. If not - relax.

    2. Assuming you do get a notice you have three choices:
    a. Admit it and accept 3 points and a small fine and thus avoid a court appearance. This is the safe option.
    b. Try and blag it yourself (saying it was your aunt Matilda who was driving and who has now returned to Australia etc.) This is the dangerous option as the poster above has said.
    c. Elect to go to court and get a very good solicitor. This is the expensive option.

    You'll need a specialist solicitor (such as the well-known as "Mr Loophole" who defends celebrities such as David Beckham. Google his nickname and you'll find him) and this will, I'm afraid, cost money. I was once in court (involved in another case) when he was defending a client successfully against a speeding ticket. I spoke with the happy defendant afterwards to find out who the solicitor was (in case of need!). He said it cost him about £3000 but he said it was worth it to him as his licence was his livelihood and any more points and he would have been banned.

    It comes down to whether you are willing to spend a few grand to keep your licence clear of points.
    You (literally) "pays yer money and takes yer choice"!
  9. No, you're evidently an incompetent cnut who shouldn't be allowed to drive....
  10. Word to the wise A reliable source has informed me that the new high ways agency will within the next year have cameras on board to do you for speading! Please take care.

  11. You broke the law. You got busted. You take it on the chin.

    Simple as.
  12. Take it on the chin is best I think.

    I have tried over the years to weasel out of a few speeding tickets and eventually they all come back to get you.

    65 in a temp 50, likely that as you were less than 30 mph over the limit it will be a postal reply and accept 3 points and the standard fine, abour £60 these days I think.

    Why fight it, most insurers are not interested in increasing premiums for a single SP30 on your licence, well mine weren't anyway.

    Declare it to them and keep your nose clean for a while and it will make no real difference to you.

    14 days won't apply in your case as the hire company will get the notice in 14 days and they have to declare the driver to the system, it can then take up to 6 months for them to collar you...........

    Unless it is absoultely vital you keep a clean licence, as was the case for me it is safer just to accept and get it over with. I've tried all the 'tricks' and they do not work. Even managed to get a speeding ticket in court for doing over 100 mph to a fine of £185 and 7 day ban, insurers didn't care as they could not include a ban of under a month but had a record and a clean licence as a result, ie when asked I could safely say I had no points on my licence.

    Unless the wife is more of a worry, than the local law, take the fine and points,in which case good luck on the home front.
  13. there not spped cameras, they are safety cameras.

    just admit it and get on with it. its no big deal. everyone gets caught sometime. even policemen get caught and have to get the penalty.
  14. Nope only if your are in your own car, if it is a hire/company car there is no limit to the time they can issue you with a ticket