Speed cameras on the M4?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by TaffJ, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. I’ll be visiting the fair shores of dear old blighty towards the end of May this year (volcano permitting) and will be driving from Heathrow to Welsh Wales on the M4 to visit the old folks up in the valleys.

    The last time I did that trip was about two and a half years ago and I can’t recall seeing any speed cameras on the M4 in either direction. Have things changed in that regard since my last visit and if there are any gatsos, a rough idea of where they are would be appreciated.

    Obviously having a non UK licence means I will not get any points but the hire car company will sting me for any speeding fines I might get and I would rather keep my beer tokens in my pocket not Broon’s. I know the best way to avoid speeding tickets is not to speed, which I generally don’t, but I’m particularly scared of the time over distance cameras that really spoil it.

    Thanks for any advice given.
  2. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Fucing everywhere. Whats more, we will synch your passport barcode with your every movement in the UK, including your car hire, any credit card usage, hotel bookings, what your kids buy and what your 'wife' wears.

    And we'll be monitoring the sheep.

    Enjoy your stay in our land, and dont forget to visit our second city, Stratford on Avon. Birthplace of Winston Churchill, our King.

    Then go home. Them sheep wont shear themselves, will they?
  3. Average speed cameras are usually only used within areas of roadworks. Speed cameras tend to be sited on gantries over the motorway, so you'll spot them in time. What you have difficulty in allowing for are hand-held speed cameras, commonly used by the Police on overbridges. Most of the bridges on the M4 have high parapets, so you won't see the car - you'll be looking for a poorly camouflaged sniper.

    Best to keep to 60mph - that's the recently introduced limit for hire cars on motorways (the speed cameras have automatic number plate recognition that flags up whether it's looking at a hire car). Best also be careful on dual carriageways (50mph) and single carriageways (40mph).

    You may escape points on your licence, but cars exceeding 10% above the speed limit also get crushed, regardless of value. As a hirer, you'll be liable for the new replacement cost of the car - that's why you have to complete a blank credit card slip when you rent your car - a lot of people have been caught out by this because the change in the law hasn't been very well publicised.
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah. Come to England and we'll crush your hire car then charge you for it. Jesus.

    Just go very fast, then ask them for the pics, then ask them for the calibration, then tell them to fuck off because one of the lads from work was driving the car.

    It works for us natives.

    But then, we're not Welsh.
  5. Thanks for the prompt replies guys. I think I might try and change my flight to go directly to Cardiff and get a mini cab. FFS, it all reminds me why I left the UK in the first place…that and the ugly sheeps. :)

    If any of you are on the M4 at the end of next month, watch out for the hire car doing 40mph and a driver looking paranoid at any passing box that might be a cammed up Gatso and any bridge that might be hiding a traffic Nazi.
  6. 1. There is no such thing as a speed limit for hire cars, the speed limits are determined by veh type and road, not state of ownership.

    2. Cars do not get crushed, regardless of excess speed. On conviction by a court the punishments for speed on its own are 6pts, and or a ban, and a fine. Further the practical impossibility of crushing a hire car many months after the alleged offence on conviction would be legion.

    3. You dont complete a blank credit card slip, the card is authorised for a maximum amount to take into account additonal charges. The cost of a car is not one of them, given that you have insurance with your rental, so the admin cost of recovering fines, damage excess and any parking fines are what this process caters for, its also the same for all service industry credit card charges, such as hotels and restuarants and bar tabs.

    So much as the vision of road traffic policing might well whet the appetite of our socialist overlords, it is as yet not a reality, sorry.
  7. Papa...

    Think you've been WAH'd mate :eek:
  8. Oh no, another day starts badly for me :(
  9. I live just off the M4 and travel both east and west-bound all the time. I don't usually stick to the 70mph and I have never been caught. There are a few average speed checks but like it's been said, that is only where roadworks are.

    If using a satnav, it may say that after junction 13 there seems to be speed cameras every 2mins, but its just people have marked on the bridges which police do stand from, but rarely. Ive never spotted one and I always look on the top of the bridges. So your pretty safe mate
  10. Well, he certainly got me going as well...bast4rd :oops:

    Still think I might err on the side of caution when on the motorway or use some other sods id to hire the car with :evil:

    Edited for mong spelling.
  11. That was fcukin genius Puttees. Got me too! :oops:
  12. Likewise.

  13. The thing to do is terminate your flight in France and then get a hire car there and drive the rest of the way. France charges in excess of £350 for outsiders to interrogate their equivalent of the DVLA. UK gobernment won't sanction the payment so speeding fines for our Gallic cousins are written off.

    Bring a French reggie motor over here and drive as quick as you like with little or no chance of getting caught - if a patrol car captures you they will give an on the spot fine or arrest you if they think that you cannot pay so do not kick the arrse out of it but you would not have to worry about the speed cameras.
  14. Be careful between Newport and Cardiff, there's loads of roadworks going on as they finally get around to making it 3 lanes. Welcome to the 20th Century Wales.
    There are speed cameras a plenty there.

    If you're going passed Cardiff towards Llantrisant, Bridgend, Swansea. There is sometimes a camera van on one of the bridges over the motorway. Usually either just passed J33 (Cardiff West) or he's on the bridge before J35, the Pencoed/Bridgend junction.
    Bastard got me a few years ago doing 99mph. £250 fine and 8 points I got for that. The cunt!
  15. Thanks for that Miner, I was planning on coming off at Newport and doing a few back doubles (if they are still there)