Speed cameras do what??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bumps, May 22, 2006.

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  1. Plod spots scamera, crashes
    Driving at 90mph in a 30mph zone, a police officer spots a speed camera, hits the brakes, loses control, and crashes. And they still claim speed cameras save lives...

    PC Scott Warburton of the Lancashire police admitted he wasn't attending to an emergency, and that he didn't have his blue lights or sirens on, as he was speeding at three times the speed limit. When he noticed the camera, he slammed on the brakes, lost control of the Ford Galaxy marked police-car, and crashed into two signposts on the central reservation.

    Could have happened to anyone, really, but why in the world would you do such a thing in a marked police-car, which has a data recorder? The recorder showed that the MPV was moving at 91mph "10 seconds before the accident", the court report read. The officer was temporarily suspended and will probably lose his driving license.

    So how exactly are speed cameras supposed to help save lives, again?

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  2. If he was doing 90mph in a 30mph limit, especially when he wasn't attending an emergency then he deserves not to be around any longer to be suspended from the police force.

    Remember that the speed camera helps prevent people exceeding the limit in a set area, from possibly 10mph over the limit, not 60mph. They're not little money spinners, they can be useful outside schools etc. However there needs to be a recognition of the need for real policing (and policemen not doing 90mph in 30)
  3. So they regularly check these data recorders then?

    I used to cycle to work but as soon as they put the speed cameras up (15 on a 4 mile stretch of road), I had a near miss every mile for 3 days and the following weekend I bought a car.

    The deaths on the road were caused by joyriders and cameras haven't stopped them
  4. Galaxy? I didn't realise that those padmobiles actually went that fast
  5. Are speed camera's accurate then? :D
  6. Speed cameras make money first, cause erratic driving second and reduce overall speed last. they do NOT prevent accidents.
  7. Crabby - get real, Speed Cameras are money spinners because of where they are located. They could be very useful but they are located to maximise income not encourage sensible driving. Speed doesn't kill - bad driving kills, and whilst most bad drivers are speeding so are many good drivers. We need more police on the roads and less cameras (except around places where they can make a contribution).
  8. They hung Dick Turpin for highway robbery 8O
  9. How naive you are on this matter, I recently moved from Swindon(speed camera city) having been caught four times in a year, 33 in a 30, 35 in a 30, 44 in a 40 and 55 in a 40 zone (you can see from the last one I`d lost hope), lost my licence and job, it cost me £240 in fines but its cost the government a lot more in benefits because as a recovery mechanic I am unemployable. I have never come across a camera near a school, old peoples home, or kids playground (where people normally watch their speed, hence no chance of revenue), they are mostly situated on long straights with a blind bend at the end. the company I worked for lost three people last year. The courts won`t accept tacho charts as evidence that a driver wasn`t speeding even though these are supposed to be legal records. On the mobile vans the cameras are set up using a built in levelling device however if there is a slight movement on board ie: the operator reaching for his flask, it will upset the camera and give a false reading (I have this from a Police source). In theory speed cameras are a good idea to punish people who speed in certain areas but they are being abused by this government to generate cash from an easy target. :frustrated:
  10. I agree slick, sorry to hear your bad luck by the way.
    Near where i live there is a straight quiet stretch of road, not an accident spot in the least. Around a mile further on you approach the small town which is always busy with traffic and pedestrians plus a large school, yet theres not a camera to be seen. :x
  11. The 115 brake horse turble (as mrs RHC calls them) diesels most certainly do, especially downhill with a tailwind, a mid life crisis and a deathwish.
  12. Top gear blurted out on Sundays program that the reason you see often see congestion signs on the the M25 when there isn't any congestion is as follows.

    When they put that sign up using their computer it automatically drops the speed to 50 and 60 mph and turns the speed cameras on on the gantrys.

    Not making money ......... my ARRSE!!!

  13. well i for one would support a vigilante group against mobile speed cameras. only out on weekends, hidden around a slight bend at the bottom of a long downhill motorway section ... i dream of taking them out with milan. fixed sort of make sense if they are present in 'black spots' but mobiles are just revenue makers - they are rarely out in bad weather and when they are they are rarely in a 'dangerous' stretch of road

    oh, thank you to every van and truck who has ever parked between the van window and the road!
  14. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    When I was back in school we used to have lectures about anything and everything on a Tuesday before lunch, once we had a copper who had been responsible for Yorkshires' (I think...) traffic program. He gave us the "why you shouldn't drink or drive" lecture, then the questions opened...

    It was 60 minutes of 17/18 year olds, relatively well clued up, giving this poor sod hell over Gatzos. He maintained that it would be a silly thing to believe that the camera's were there to make money, as all the proceeds from catching "lawbreakers" would go directly to maintaining, or increasing the number of, speed cameras. As far as I'm aware this is mostly the case. Someone mentioned Clarkson, even he has suggested that for the 30 something million quid the cameras pull in it's not worth the effort for the government to use them as a money maker.

    Personally, I think they're an utter money maker. The government will try to get every last penny out of you, so they can afford very comfy chairs for civil servants to sit on. One of the things we picked the copper on was the location of the cameras, he swore blind that they were only put at blackspots. Which is bollocks. Then he left, spouting something about statistics and relative proportions.