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Speed cameras.....A303

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Mar 4, 2004.

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  1. Just a warning to anyone driving between Warminster and Amesbury on the A303... there are road works with a 40mph limit and lots of 'police camera' signs.

    Even if there is no other car on the road and no men at work, you will get busted if you break the limit. The cameras are laser (no flash). You have been warned..... :(
  2. Thank you :evil:
  3. It's OK, they're gone now - the new bridge is in place. T'was a 'roving' camera in the back of a van - my mate got hit two saturdays ago - £60 and three points for 53 in a 40 zone...
  4. A spokeswoman for the D.O.Tp. said, "We don't want your money, we just want you to slow down"

    One word response;- Starts with "B", and ends with "ollocks" - midnight
    on a Sunday,deserted road through a Wiltshire village lashing down, blowing a hooligan, 42 MPH. Result, £60.00 fine + 3 points! No danger to anyone, just another pi$$ed-off driver. :evil:
  5. They will be my first points....

    My own fault I know. But there is no way I would have done more than 40mph if there had been any men working there or if the road was busy.
  6. its going to bacfire on the police , safety groups and Govt.........
  7. Law breaker !! :oops: How will they perceive you now in the Officers Mess?
  8. Stop - Unload - Dress back to the 300m point...
    All I can say is that this doesn't bode well for my state of alertness while driving in to The Palace of Lost Souls every morning...
    Still there on the westbound lane...