Speed Cameras - A police forums view.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. I was just looking through the Police equivilant of Arrse. I spotted a thread titled : What do you see Speed Camera's For??

    It was very interesting to see the results so far of a poll that was running on the above debate :

    Just For Revenue : 67%
    Interest Of Public Safety: 28%
    No Opinion : 4%

    This was a very good point from a serving police officer on this subject:

    "Last week on nights i took 10 uninsured cars off the road, seized them, in six nights. Now thats were we should be concentrating on not hitting people for 33mph in a 30mph.
    Put 10mph speed limits near schools and de restrict the motorways. i'm sure most people would agree with that. most accidents are 40mph and under, low speed collisions."
  2. Well, I believe your either 6 or 10 times less likely to have an accident on the motorways, so I think increasing the speed limit in that respect is unlikely to cause any problems and is overdue.
  3. Yeh but when you crash you crash bigstyle on motorways. Secondary crashes are also common on motorways because of the reduced reaction time or gawping motorists in the other direction.
  4. This may sound daft, but if we raise limits on motorways we should have some form of higher driving standard. Yesterday I drove back from Cardiff and watched a guy in a people carrier drift off the slip road into lane 2 at under 50MPH during rush hour, there were cars everywhere how nobody hit each other was more by luck than skill. IMHO there should be two tax discs, split the cost of road tax, all user's including overseas visitors have to pay for the second disc to use the motorway (like Switzerland) if they want to use it, this will reduce those short journeys.Introduce two stage testing, no secondary test no using the motorway or have a high speed part to the test, this will teach and test for motorway use.
  5. Having travelled c. 30,000 business miles a year for the last ten years across the UK speed cameras have had a profound effect.

    The impact on 30 and 40 mph zones is profound, largely because people feel justified in watching their speed.

    When the burger munching white van driver is on your tail with his three mates kipping in the passenger seat you ignore the moron. Naturally, you let him get steaming, spitting and jesticulating wildly, and then wait till where you know a speed camera is just over the brow and let him go past, accelarating slightly to encourage him to compete and poop goes the camera. :evil:

    Children please don't try this at home.
  6. We used to do that trick at the bridge near Brent cross shopping center on the North circular....an old favorite and caught a few Merc's/BMW's whod been tailgating :twisted:
  7. Also works on the westbound A14 - lane one nose to tail HGV at 50mph, lane two nose to tail at 60-70mph being rush hour: Bentley up chuffer with fat bloke hitting the high beams (nowhere for me to go even if I wanted to).

    Speeds up a bit... fat bloke's blood pressure now approaching head exploding levels as the poor people weren't evaporating out of his way.

    Clear space, accelerate a tad, ease over into lane one WHOOOSH goes Bentley with snarling porker proving his penile dimensions...

    Flash Flash.... RESULT!
  8. Apparently a running man triggered a speed camera, recorded as 33 mph.

    It later transpired he was a muslim officer legging it from the Israeli embassy.
  9. there is a gatso near me that flashes when you drive fast on the opposite lane - as it can't get you for speeding I have great fun in speeding up so that it appears to flash the drivers who have just slowed down for it! :twisted:
  10. I'd just like to make a point back to the original post, that these figures show that even police officers are unaware of how the financing of safety cameras operate. Yes they can make revenue if the partnership in question has made a surplus but where do you think that money goes??? Back to the treasury!!! To fund oooo let me think more police officers, fund education, fund the health service, etc. Where would that money come from otherwise? It's making money out of a crime ie speeding. Isn't that what our judicial system is partly about along with retribution and prevention.
  11. Exquisitely gratifying gentlemen! I have met these people also.

    I find the male drivers of ageing Jags particularly prone to believing they possess the outside lane, and think that flashing you from 500 metres back has given you ample warning to pull aside. Having grasped intimate knowledge of where the old billus plodicus tend to positon themselves on the M6 it is wonderful to see them hurtle their way past with Lady Violet Bucket fixing her cement like foundation only to be stopped further up the Mway, hopefully just as a vast downpour appears as they 'step out of the vehicle'.
  12. Amazing. That must be why the Autobahns in Germany are all at a standstill with crashed cars all over the place then :roll:

    High speed does not cause accidents, it is the difference in relative speeds between the vehicles that is the biggest problem.

    That's why you can get nicked for driving too slowly on the Autobahns.
  13. It's felt at times that I spent my life on motorways of Great Britain and Ireland, but there were suprisingly few accidents, despite the levels of traffic. The only time I was stopped also, was at 4am in the morning by an unshaven RangeRoverCopper who was bored and I was the only car driver on the road amongst the truckers.

    Placing fixed cameras on full speed sections of motorways would be lethal... fair play to the mobile chaps though who choose their spots intelligently.
  14. The majority of shunts on M-ways are nose to tail concertina jobs when some numpty travelling 3" from the guy in front slams on too late. I think it was proven once that in the average M25 traffic, if car 1 braked a bit sharpish, by the time you got to car 10 it was physically impossible for there not to be a shunt.

    However these are low energy impacts because you get booted forwards when you get hit, therefore most of the time you walk away. It's headline news when you get a big fatal accident on the M-way (see BBC site).

    If you want to get hurt, be within a mile or two of home, at a junction or roundabout, or for guaranteed carnage hit a tree...

    BSL - don't forget the 3 Series BMW (Smallest engine but M-Sport badge) being driven by phone clutching 'Account Executive' who genuinely believes that a 318 can exceed light speed, and never leaves lane three except to cut across without indicating to leave at the slip road. I could continue but I may be starting to dribble and people are looking...
  15. And why the derestricted bits of the Autobahn network have lower per mile casualty rates than British motorways!