Speed Camera Vigilntes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Marc_St_Hilaire, May 17, 2010.

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  1. I drive on the A272 every day to and from work. It has been a fairly regular occurance to see 3 or 4 old gits standing on the side of the road pointing what looks like a video camera at passing motorists. This morning they were out at 06:00 FFS. Luckily for me a driver coming the other way had flashed his lights, so I slowed down :) I was doing 50 :blush: This camera thing seemed to be about the size of a small hand held video camera with two superimposed lenses; a bit like an over and under shot gun. Does anyone know what this thing is? They have already had the speed limit on a major east-west trunk road reduced from 40 mph to 30. You'd think they would be satisfied with that. What, if any, legal powers does these bastards have and more to the point, why can't they get a life! 6 o'clock FFS :evil:
  2. They can't hand out fines, but can pass your reg plate onto plod. Then you get a nice letter from the local old bill.
  3. So. Just as I thought. A bunch of busibodies with too much time on their hands. And more importantly, no enforcement powers. These camera devices don't store your data then? I was a bit concerned that it was gathering evidence but was unclear how they could do this, legally, as they are just f*ckwit non-plod.
  4. I got one in Camberley, the old gits were stood in a hedge, all you could see was a pair of arms sticking out holding the gun until you got close up and as you went past them you could see them in their yellow jackets.
    Received toothless warning in post a couple of days later.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Driving through some suburban backstreets in Germany a few months back and had a couple of German kids jump out into the road in front of me with a "Langsam 30kph" sign (given by the school it turned out).
    I explained the observable physics of acceleration in combustion engined vehicles that had only travelled 20 yards, the fact they are in a 50kph limit area, and emphasised the Darwin principle of stupid action consequences involving blind old gits in large Mercedes cars....
  6. What a bunch of twnts!

    Rant over.
  7. what's a vigilntes?? Is it french?
  8. Sorry. Put it right for you! :)
  9. There were some of these old fckers doing the same thing in a village just outside of cambridge. Haven't these people got something better to do with their lives?
  10. Around here they do it accompanied by PCSO's or sometimes full police offciers. You get a written warning to slow down but they don't take action because they're trying to give you a chance to mend your ways. If you think it's toothless, go ahead and keep doing it. Frankly I'd like to see some stricter penalties for the wankers who think that doing over 30mph is acceptable in a built up area like the twat that was clocked here last week doing 43mph. If he gets clocked again I've been assured that the officer will take action against him. They're not busybodies, they're people who are sick of the speeding idiots that can't work out what the speed limit is, or even worse, know exactly what the limit is, but think it doesn't apply to them.
    They could always do something radical and keep within the law. :x

    Two months ago the Sergeant in charge of our local NPT decided enough was enough and handed out speed tickets to 20 odd cars rat-running through the back lanes to get to work. It would be nice if the police could use their manpower against serious crimes but they have to use valuable resources to keep idiots in check. Idiots, who could just set off to work a few minutes earlier and keep our roads a little safer for other users.
  11. You drive a Honda, it has a rug on the parcel shelf, and you wont budge from the middle lane when your pootling along at 55mph.

    I claim my fiver.
  12. I should think so too herrumph...quite enough frenchness about without that!! :D

    Here's a suggestion, it's a bit 'out there' but well....consider it....

    Don't speed?? :?
  13. I got pulled around the corner from my daughters house about 9 months ago. I hadn't realised that the speed limit in that road had just been reduced from 30mph to 20mph. I saw the 2 police officers in the distance and thought I was doing 30mph so I was a bit surprised when they did actually pull me over.

    I was asked what I thought the limit was and I said 30mph whereupon the police officer sternly informed me that it was actually 20mph. They had a group of 4 children with them of about 10 years of age who were then encouraged to sternly tell me from a written script they were clutching what a bad person I was because I had been speeding near their school.

    After this, I was allowed to carry on my way with a warning of be more careful next time ringing in my ears. When I asked as I was leaving what speed I had actually been doing, I was informed I had been doing a heady 25mph.

    The police had their 5 minutes of fun and gained some kudos with some of the local youngsters. The kids learned that you can be rude to adults and it's quite fun and it's ok with the police who actually encourage them. Job Done.
  14. :D Close.
    White van man actually. But not the stereotypical white van man. Just someone who supports the local police in defending our residential streets from speeding idiots.
    The council here recently spent £18,000 of public money last year putting up two flashing signs to tell idiots to reduce their speed to below the clearly obvious 30 mph limit, but some people still think it doesn't apply to them. That's £18,000 of my (and other people's of course) council tax money being spent on something that we shouldn't need on the roads. And the cnuts still break the speed limits. How many reminders in the form of strongly worded letters do these fools need?