Speed camera switch-off sees fewer accidents

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. I heard something on local news that Lancashire Constabulary are going to be reviewing the speed cameras in the county and removing those that have not shown a cut in accidents.

    I'd say that speed cameras cause accidents after seeing the number of people that slam on when they spot the yellow box.
  2. Errr one study in one place...Swindon. So a number of councils jump on the bandwagon and decide to remove the cameras. Personally as a car driver I'm happy. Will they also be removing the mobile camera teams that surreptitiously park in unexpected places to catch me speeding. Oh joy if they're going aswell.
  3. Ah yes, the TaliVans, run by the Council, not the Police and purely intended to raise revenue. My local plod don't agree with them and their hiding behind bushes tactics.
  4. I'm sorry but there is NO WAY speed cameras are used only to elicit cash from the motorists of the UK for the benefit of the Local Authority. Each single camera is placed with great care and diligence, sited in correlation to areas where accident rates are highest in an effort to reduce said accidents.

    Especially those cameras placed yards within a reduced speed limit area.

    Especially those really well marked ones hidden by this summer's plant growth.

    Especially those motorway/dual carriageway ones at pedestrian crossing points...

    I hate to think I am cynical, but things like this just go to show that underneath it all - I am!
  5. If they werent speeding in the first place they wouldnt have to 'slam on' would they?
  6. Oxfordshire is getting rid of their fixed and mobile cameras as of er well actually they have been gone a week, they complained that the money raised didn't go to them but central government even though they had to pay for the services out of their own pockets. I wonder how long it will be before providing speed cameras is compulsory by order of central office?
  7. er...actually lucille many drivers slam on their brakes because they are momentarily panicked by the sight of a yellow box, fail to remember the speed limit so slow down just in case - happens a lot on a stretch of road near me, it's a 60 but people panic and slow to 40 because there's no readily apparent reason why the box should be there in the first place
  8. And of course your car is fitted with a special device that ensures it never so much as goes 1mph over any speed limit?
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  10. Well said :lol:
  11. Yeah right Lancashire was/is the county with the most speed camera's in the UK even had one 150 mtrs or so up the road from another outside a school to catch motorist's who sped up a prize bunch of twats.

    And I totally agree with Maples comments not sure how the camera funding is managed here in Scotland as I'm sure the police run them as the vans are normally parked in the main vehicle yard in Glasgow
  12. Linky to the Scottish funding arrangements.
  13. How many accidents did you see then? Anything that slows drivers down, irrespective of how many 'perceived accidents' and the unproven rhetoric which accompanies these tales, save lives. If people drove responsibly, there would be no need for measures to slow them down. The problem is, that a bloody good number of drivers on British roads today are too self assured about their driving skills and couldn't care less about anything or anybody which exists outside their tin box. If the punishment also fitted the crime in relation to speeding and accidents caused by speeding, perhaps the same people may hesitate before breaking the law.

    Alternatively, we can listen to voices like your own.