Speed camera fight goes to Europe

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. European judges are being asked to rule in a case that could limit the use of speed cameras in the UK.

    More here
  2. No surprise there, after all not only would it cost them a fortune in lost revenue, but to say anything else would be tantamount to saying the motorists are right and we are wrong.

    He's George Bushes best mate...and look what happened there!!

    If the campaigners win...i want my money back!!
  3. Good points raised Bossyboots. This is the section that the Campaigners want reversing:

    Where the driver of a vehicle is alleged to be guilty of an offence to which this section applies—
    (a) the person keeping the vehicle shall give such information as to the identity of the driver as he may be required to give by or on behalf of a chief officer of police, and
    (b) any other person shall if required as stated above give any information which it is in his power to give and may lead to identification of the driver.
  4. In other words, snitch on your mate / family.

    How many of us drive our own and our spouses car? Myself and Mr Bossy do all the time. Just going to the shop, i'll take your car as its blocking mine in. My car is going to the garage tomorrow, i'll borrow yours for work if your not needing it. That sort of thing. Often in my case if Mr Bossy is away i'll use his just to keep it ticking over.
    So when a summons lands on the mat, i'm supposed to know just who was driving what, where and when?
    So you can either incriminate yourself, incriminate your OH or commit perjury....great!
  5. Seeing as the UK Government is supposedly signing away our rights to write our own laws surely there won't be anything the DoT can do to fight it?
  6. The case kicked off at 9am this morning. Lets hope its a sucess for the drivers.
  7. There will be no lost revenues, or anything of the like - a way will be found to continue the system with the points etc. going to the registered keeper unless THEY shop the real driver in self defence.
  8. That wont stand up in any court! The European court of human rights prohibits the punishing of others in light of misdeeds of others (or to those words...)
  9. All you do good liberals should just shut up and pay up.

    Just cos you all want to get away with speeding and not have to pay the cost.

    If your partner/spouse was speeding and killed someone in your car would you do the time for them or would you let them do it themselves. If you lend your car to someone and they get caught speeding then THEY should pay for the crime. Simple.

    This is human rights gone crazy.
  10. Its simple. Speed cameras shoul (as in Germany) take the picture from the front. Prosecutions should only proceed where the driver can be clearly identified. As with all other crimes, the job of the prosecution should be to provide the evidence.
  11. It just means that the Police will have to purchase forward facing cameras.


    Whilst I agree that if You do the deed You shouldn't whinge and pay up when asked, this matter goes deeper than this.

    It is a basic tenet of English Law that everyone has the right to silence. If we lose the right in the regard of speed cameras then what is to stop a government of this ilk to decide that they can infringe upon it in other areas???
  12. if my partner/spouse was speeding i'd rather a traffic policeman was there to politely tell them so and perhaps issue a ticket or similar while using his brain as opposed to blindly issuing them with three points and a fine for 35 mph, or causing a crash anyway because they're too busy looking at their speedo or smashing on the brakes
  13. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    And the good news is that these are currently being trialed in London.

  14. Forward facing cameras have been down my way for ages???
  15. ...so all motorcyclists get a 'get out of jail free' card then?