Speed Awareness Scheme

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Dubb_al_Ibn, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. Just got back from my four hours of "death by powerpoint" for having been caught by a fixed camera doing 35mph in a 30mph zone.

    Anyway, two questions arose from the course.

    First of all the instructor suggested that we boy racers should drive through 30mph zones in third gear because it will slow us down "but won't use up any more fuel."

    So, does driving at 30mph in third in my CTDi-engined Civic (at about 24-2700 rpm) use no more fuel than driving in fourth ?

    Second. It was stated that the big white "SLOW" sign painted on the road is only put there when someone has been killed. True, or urban myth urine-take?

    (Edited for shouting in the title and putting extra 0 in the rpm, mong!).
  2. Don't know mate. Drive through where I live though, you will see, " Kill your speed or we will kill you"
  3. An advanced driving instructor once told me that the more money spent on road signs and paint was because the area was an accident hotspot.

    Now I find that hard to believe as there are not many places left that have not been painted and signed to death.
  4. I tried staying in third on the way home through a 30mph zone in the rush hour. Didn't go down too well with the queue of traffic behind me.....but I felt so righteous !
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  6. If all he is interested in is saving fuel through a 30mph zone, I shall accelerate to 90mph prior to entering it then stick it in neutral as I pass through the zone. Because my speed is higher, I will pass through the 30mph zone quicker and because the engine is effectively at idle, it'll use virtually no fuel whatsoever. I cannot see any flaw in my common sense approach. ;)

    Why should I be cautious at a supposed accident black spot? The deaths were more than likely some spotty faced chav in a tricked out Saxo. Darwinism.

    Do you own the Civic gas turbine version??
  7. My rule of thumb is:

    "Drive through other peoples streets the way you would expect them to drive through yours".

    Speed limits are there for a reason.
  8. Sorry, Flashy's right. The rpms should of course be 2400 to 2700.

    No prooblems with keeping to the limit (except the one time the bloody camera caught me !) but the thought of staying in third and not using any extra fuel goes against everything we used to be taught by driving instructors. "Get into fourth as soon as you can, it saves fuel..." etc.

    Mind you, my lessons and test were quite a few years ago so maybe it's all changed now.
  9. Of course they are, love.

    To criminalise road users and to make money.


  10. And my rule of thumb is;

    "I pay lots of road tax so I'll use them how the fuck I like".

    Speed limits are there for the challenge.
  11. Fugly

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    I like that. Fine by me. I'm off to roar through the nearest chav estate at 95mph, inviting all the scummers to come and do the same to my road.

    They'll have a fucking shock though, I live in a cul-de-sac.
  12. driving in third at thirty will use slightly more fuel than driving in fourth. Unless you spend most of your time driving in 30 zones, you would never actually notice the difference at the pump.