Speed awareness course.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Tytus_Barnowl, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Probably the best place to ask this. My local great and good Devon and Cornwall constabulary have invited me to attend a National Speed Awareness Course, at a cost of £80. My question is , are these course attendees held on a database somewhere that insurance companies have access to?
  2. Ha ha ha! I was working with an ex-copper this week who was on such a course. He told me that what was most embarrasing was that during his days in blue, he used to drive the pursuit cars!!
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  4. Duty rumour is all will soon be asking what awareness courses policy holders have taken now that the old bill have moved away from issuing points and on the spot fines in favour of said courses.

    Insurance companies have the hump as they're losing out on potting people who have penalty points on their DL and as such will now pot people who have attended these courses.

    The irony being the course is supposed to make you a safer driver.

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  5. That's just what I was thinking.

    Shirley, if the law says it should make you a better driver then they must back that up by making it illegal to increase any insurance premiums.
    I fear a test case will be require and I volunteer the OP as a guinea pig.
  6. I can't answer the OP's specific question, but what I do know is that attending my own course back in 2004 is one day of my life that I will never get back. We must have had a particularly bad presentation team at ours (some country house in Warwickshire), but they made MCM Div Roadshows appear exciting in comparison. Dull, dull, dull but I suppose it saved me 3 points.
  7. They'll tell yer the coffee is free.is it **** it's costing 85 snots or whatever they are charging for yer course.
  8. Admiral and their affiliated brands are particularly keen to whack on a loading and presumably would be equally keen to nix your policy if you made a claim following non disclosure.

    Bear in mind all Insurance companies are capable of blinding stupidy mixed with self interest: like those who for a while tried to ramp up premiums for those who had fitted winter tyres on the grounds that it was a "modification".

    The speed awareness courses run in these parts are usually rammed with middle aged and retired citizens caught doing a few mph over the limit. The boy racers are either ineligible due to excessive speed, have speed camera warning satnavs & naughty detectors or somehow are not the registered owner
  9. And what happens if they ask and you lie?
  10. Yer'll probably get twenty years for fraud.
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  11. I suppose I could always volunteer the information and call it an advanced drivers refresher course with speed awareness being 1 of the modules. It was after all nearly 35 years ago I first passed my test.
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  12. From what I've heard they are dull, so much so most would've taken the points rather than go to another! As for insurers they should be told to knob off, only points matter. Even then I've had cars written off whilst I have undeclared points all it cost me was £60 (the amount my insurance would've gone up anyway) when I had to come clean.
  13. its not a conviction in a court of law
    its not on your driving licence
    fi you were really speeding then it would involve a court of law
    so the insureres can go **** themselves
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  14. Hoho, much like GRE a few years back. They 'insisted' that I use their approved repair centre, whom wanted to fit 3rd party parts. The dialogue went back and forth between, until I pointed out that using non-manufacturer parts would invalidate my insurance, as stipulated in a clause in GRE's policy...
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