Speech to Text dictation software


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Someone on ARRSE always knows the answer -

Any recommendations on free downloads of speech to text dictation software to run on Windows XP Home?

I have IBM VoiceType bought eons ago but suspect there might be something savvier around these days.
Personally, I'd have a look at PC World's website, or better, go into the shop. They're bound to have something knocking around that'll do the job.

It won't be free, but it'll be good.
Are you using MS Office? I know Word has a Speech function in it as standard. Under the Tools menu. You can even run through a basic setup guide on it to help tune it to your speech.


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Thanks for the tips, chaps.
Or you could always send sound files to a proficient audio typist who will type and email document back to you for a small fee... ;)

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