Speech Jammer

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Oyibo, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. The usual disclaimer: Did a search on Arrse but did not find a thread about this:

    Japanese Speech Jammer Can Silence Hecklers, But Is It Ethical? | Sci-Tech Today
    This sounds like great fun - a shame they can't make one for the telephone to cut off salesmen in their tracks.
  2. Every Husband,Boyfriend and potential rapist should have one,,,,save a fortune on Duct Tape......
  3. The possibilities are mind boggling. French gobshite in my local last night deserved a burst of rapid from that little Jap machine.
  4. Imagine how many marriages can be saved...
  5. I find this works much better...

    it allows for a scalable response too.
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  6. It's designed to stop heckling is it? Well supposing someone in the audience has one too - eh?
  7. Why target individuals? Get one of these bad boys and do the whole crowd.

  8. I reckon that Dale would talk too it for so long that it would commit electrical suicide.
  9. Is that the crowd burner or the 'brown sound' emitter?

  10. Judging by the fact it's parked on a film set it's probably a prop...
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  11. From the description of how that works, surely a pair a of ear plugs stops it dead?
  12. Earplugs would prevent you from delivering your witty, razor-sharp heckle at the correct moment. You don't want to be calling out when everyone else is clapping.
  13. What if you were using a specially designed head set?

    You put the microphone on the lap of the person 3 seats to your left/right. this feeds ambient noise in to your own speakers, so when you deliver your heckle at the correct moment, the 'feed back' from this device doesn't affect you?

    For added protection, the headset could be fitted with a microphone reverse connected to a speaker, so that the device itself was met with a reversed soundwave version of what you had said... no idea what it would do. But let's find out.
  14. I like your think there CF. Although on the other hand, why not just chuck a large soggy root vegetable at the podium? - let's see how the Nips deal with that.
  15. [​IMG]
    this isn't though...

    Active Denial System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia