Speech by Foreign Secretary Jack Straw


we committed ourselves to giving Britain the "effective leadership and clear vision" which would put us once again "at the centre of international decision-making instead of at its margins".
Nonsense! The UK is on the margin and Washington is real decision-centre.

…we took military action to protect hundreds of thousands of Kosovo Muslims
and created two hundred thousands of Serbs-refugees.

In Iraq, the incident in Basra 10 days ago was serious, of course; and, as John Reid has commented, we can expect more dark moments.
Sometimes even politicians stop lying.

We are in Iraq for one reason only - to help the elected Iraqi government build a secure, democratic and stable nation - and we can and will only remain with their consent.
As I understand in Basra all Iraqis from boys on market to the gothernor beg Britons to stay (as ‘the incident in Basra’ shows).

Shortly after the Iraq war, categorical evidence emerged that for eighteen years Iran had been developing nuclear capabilities in clear breach of its treaty obligations.
It seems to me that I have heard something like this 3 year ago. And why American and British secret services are so impotent – 18 year they were unable to spot sly Iranians.

…if Iran does come into compliance the door will be thrown wide open to co-operation - economic, political and social…
And if not? I suppose that in this case British people would help Iranian one to be free from newly elect… sorry brutal dictator Dontrememberhisname. And our friend, beacon of democracy, Musharraf (who lawfully owns nuclear weapons) would support US/UK unconditionally. Btw his stupid people (without experience in democracy) dislikes him much.

I was disappointed that such countries as China or Russia were not mentioned in the speech of mr.Straw. It’s very strange for decision-maker. I propose mr.Straw to send ‘strong signal’ to these nasty countries to destroy their WMD.
Dea... (I was asked exclude this word) Comrade dui-lai!

Mr.Reid said in his speech on the conference:

...it’s fantastic to preside over the only Government Department where we are officially allowed to call each other comrades!
As I understand, many (if not a majority) there don't regard him as a comrade at all.

When people are asked which group in society they respect, our Armed Forces come out at 88%. Politicians come out at 8%. So I’m sure that it’s a great source of satisfaction to them to know that together we command the respect of 96% of the British People!
So it is a very easy way for politician to be respected: he should join armed forces. Probably great leader of British nation would become a generallisimus soon (and duke of Basra of course).
KGB_resident said:
Mr.Reid said in his speech on the conferece:

...it’s fantastic to preside over the only Government Department where we are officially allowed to call each other comrades!
That comes easy for a former member of the British communist party! :twisted:

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