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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lysander, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Nice ... but again more words - where's the action/pressure to change this.

    What is particularly damaging/interesting is the near the end ...

    "So how did it end, the battle for the Leatherhead shallow end? It is a sign of the topsy-turvydom of our world that this termagant got her way. No one rebuked her. No one told her to shut up and show some respect to people who had lost so much for their country."

    We have to get more vocal and not be scared of effing "Politically Correct" Gestapo.

    (Sorry crap night's sleep....)
  2. Interesting article more for the comments than the content (with which I concur most heartily).

    D Short is clearly a cnut who needs re-educating to the third lacehole with my climbing boots.

    And the aptly named Noshir (pmsl) blaming Thatcher FFS.
  3. Offering free transport on London buses is a start, if he can rope the tube in if he gets elected then maybe other regions might follow suit.

    It might not seem like much but it is a start and so should be encouraged.
  4. the bloke called Walter is also a complete penis.
  5. Walter10021 is a nom de plume - his real name is Walter Cnut :D
  6. anyone else want to jump on the band wagon?

  7. Jobs a good 'un.

    Spluttering with indignation submission made :D