Specifically Ausies and Septics

Having found Jarheads posts about launched grenades very interesting I thought this might strike a note with someone.

About seven years ago I was involved in the landmines and clearance of a gas pipeline route in South Vietnam (Nam Con Son project). The gas pipeline came ashore at a white sand beach South east of Long Hai in Vung Tau Ba Ria province. After crossing the TZ the pipeline ran parallel to the Dinh Mountains, crossed the Vung Tau - Ba Ria to Ho Chi Minh road and followed the road to Fu My.

Just after coming ashore just to the South east of Long Hai, the pipeline crossed a road and then followed the route of what looked like an old UCQBR for a kilometre or two and continued parallel to the road to Ba Ria towards a new gas cracking plant about 9 km from the beach.

The exact locations of the beach crossing and the UCQBR are now a bit vague in my mind, but the map below gives the general locations.

Anyway, whilst clearing the beach, we came across the usual mortars and stuff and an M16 apers jumping jobbie as well as a booby trapped grenade - see pic.

The grenade had been attached to a wooden stake with black plastic insulating tape and a wire was attached to the safety pin which was just holding the arming handle in by a few molecules of metal. However the stake had long since been eaten by termites or whatever.

Now, we know that both the Septics and the Aussies held that area and we know that there was some savage fighting going on there at some stage judging by the amount of UXO, landmines and booby traps we dealt with during the clearance. And we know what the grenade is. But my question is: Does anyone recognise their handiwork from the photo. (I cant post question marks, something turns them into alien characters). Does anyone remember booby trapping the beach one cold (well, warm and moist) dark night in Ba Ria Vung Tau province. Theres no prize, its just idle curiosity on my part.


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