Specials to reform!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. Didn't see this anywhere else...

    Put your braces together and your boots on your feet and give me some of that old moonstomping as the specials are reforming!

    USIC NEWS - Terry Hall, Lynval Golding, Neville Staple, Roddy Byers, Horace Panter and John Bradbury, THE SPECIALS, will reunite and tour next spring.......

    The SPECIALS '09 UK Tour Itinerary :

    Newcastle Academy - April 22

    Sheffield Academy - 23

    Birmingham Academy - 25 & 26

    Glasgow Academy - 28

    Manchester Apollo - May 3

    London Brixton Academy - 6 & 7


    edited for overexcited spelling
  2. I'm suprised Terry Hall is involved,he spent years slagging The Specials off.I take it the main man Jerry Dammers is not taking part?Either way,count me in!

  3. Is Rico lining up as well?
  4. Not the Special that beat up the Squaddie :)
  5. Bernie Rhodes knows Don't Argue! :wink:
  6. Thought this was an NI thread, ah well thats the aging process for you.
  7. Well, that might be a wee bit more controversial :wink:

    I'd love to see Gerry's face when he heard the news though....
  8. Blimey, is the money drying up from the royalties?
    Are they just playing all their back catalogue or are they writing new material?
    Would be interesting to see.

    Whilst I was on a train back to base moons ago I spied the sax player from The Beat. A small claim to tenuous fame.
  9. You gotta be sh1tting me lol
    great news although they said that about the jam ....FAIL
    the police ....FAIL
    Led zep .... .not seen / heard anything yet
    I just hope its my lack of vigilance in the entertainment and music world thats let me down cos i really liked them all. :(
  10. Call me shallow,but I don't want to hear any new stuff.Just give me the clasics and maybe some skinhead reggae covers!

    The Police failed to reform? THANK F UCK.
  11. I remember seeing Bad manners at the Colchester hippodrome years ago, bloody excellent. Only Bloodvessel and the harmonica player left from original line-up.

    No new stuff just all the old ska classics. Brilliant.

    I will have to dig out my old 2-tone ska and Trojan vinyl and convert them to mp3.
  12. The Police toured last year. Also the Jam (minus Weller so not really the Jam) toured last year too.

    Should be good if they can pull it off though.
  13. This is gig Iv'e been waiting for all my life,I'm going to go,no matter what,what ever city,I'm there!

  14. I got mine for Brixton Acadamy 11/05/09! Anyone else going?
  15. Got mine for Sheffield, and it's on 23 Apr, St George's Day!

    Hired a couple of buses for the Yorkshire Scooter Alliance to travel to Sheffield, get on the piss, bit of stomping and skanking, then back on the piss!

    Hope to fcuk they play Pressure Drop!