Specially chartered jet flies 50 illegals to Romania

From today's Irish Independent

ALMOST 50 illegals were deported to Romania yesterday on a specially chartered jet.

Two thirds of the group sent home were failed asylum seekers but the party also included a number of people who had either been living or working here illegally.

Some of the group are understood to have been living here with false passports and identification papers, which suggested they came from other Eastern European countries.

This was the second deportation flight to Romania this year. Last January, gardai escorted 44 Romanians and Moldovans back to their home countries.

But they represented less than half of the intended passenger list as the rest managed to stay here because of last-minute reprieves in the High Court.

Detectives from the Garda National Immigration Bureau had detained around 55 people, who had already been served with deportation orders, around the country in the past week.

But five of the group secured a High Court order preventing the authorities from deporting them within hours of the flight take-off yesterday afternoon.

A team of gardai as well as a doctor and nurse travelled with the group to the Romanian capital, Bucharest, while an advance party of two members of the immigration bureau had flown out on Sunday to make final arrangements for the transport of deportees from Bucharest to their home towns.

The cost of yesterday's flight was estimated at €89,000. This was the fourth deportation flight this year, the other two were to China in February and Nigeria last month.

By comparison, six flights were organised last year and the authorities are now expected to exceed that total this year. Earlier this year, the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) described the Irish asylum system as among the fastest and fairest in Europe and said it was a model for a lot of European states.

The UNHCR also said that removals and returns were an integral part of an effective asylum process. Last year, the State deported more than 400 failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, while another 210 were returned to the EU country where they had lodged their initial asylum claim.

This represented almost a four-fold increase in the number of asylum claimants returned to other European states under the Dublin 2 convention, which means they must pursue their initial application rather than seeking refugee status in a number of countries.

A further push on deportation has been signalled for this year by the immigration authorities and it is focusing in particular on bogus applicants from Nigeria and Romania, who make up most of the illegals.

It seems the Irish Government know how to handle illegals ....... Deport the feckers! :lol:

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