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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Nayweiser, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. I've read on the Int Corps site that you have to learn basics in all areas of Intelligence. Looking at everything on the site, my main interests are in IMINT.

    I'm struggling to figure out how exactly your career works in the Int Corps. Do you actually specialized into one of the 4 particular areas (EW/SIGINT/HUMINT/IMINT)?

    I don't think personally I would enjoy SIGINT or HUMINT. I'm not a massively interested in learning lots of different languages so would you say the Int Corps is not for me, even though I am very keen on IMINT?
  2. You might have to wait several years before the Army will think about putting you up for the Imagerty Analyst aptitude test to determine if you have the right sort of eyesight. ( if that sort of thing still applies?)

    If you think IMINT is really your bag, then it's the RAF Intelligence branch for you. Sadly their website does little to inform in that area.

    Also try a degree in remote sensing, but I really dont think there is much else here to interest you, move along please.
  3. don't waste your breath sub. due to his keen interest in IMINT, he has decided the REME is for him :roll:

    nayweiser, if you are still reading this - specialisation will not happen immediately you join. the army website says a fair deal about specialisations, but little is explained about the core disciplines of operational intelligence / counter intelligence. there are many, many jobs you can do before going anywhere near a specialisation. you might even find you enjoy them.

    many dip in and out of specialisations over the years; some find one they like and stick with it, some try lots of different jobs. there's a lot more variety available than for an avionics tech, for instance...
  4. Lol, nah i still havent chosen REME even though its my my first port of call. Im very apprehensive about it, and whether the Int Corps is the way for me. Its just so difficult to find out ANY information on it..
  5. Just give these folks a ring and they will sort you out:

    British Broadcasting Corporation (News)
    Television Centre
    Shepherds Bush
    W1A 4AA

  6. Lol, either that or I could sit on a train and wait for the information to come to me!