Specialist Unit MTDs

It's going to depend on your unit.

After years of severe restrictions, in ours we've been led to believe that the limit is determined only by justification.

Just as well as 15 days + 2 weekends seems to be heading the way of 19 days and 8 weekends (plus any voluntary time).
4th_of_foot said:
Can anyone tell me what the cut off is?

I've had a look at the FAQs, but can't find an answer.

It varies like the weather and despite words from on high, the unit is often so strapped to raise pers (with many on / returned from Ops) that the MTD budget is then underspent leading to the inevitable "you don't need this money then" from HQ LAND or above.

Maybe the debate here, is to ask.

How many MTD's do individuals / units need to maintain and introduce knowledge?

How many MTD's are actually available?

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