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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SparkySteve, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. I'm wondering, im a part qualified electrician in civvy life, and a fully qualified network installation engineer (CAT6), and currently install IT for a civvie company.
    I want to be a spark in the TA, im with my local regiment (Not attested yet) which is a REME and sigs group, and wondering what would be the best department to join with, the sigs or the REME? It was suggested on my walkaround that i join the VM's but i don't fancy being a grease monkey!

    Any ideas lads?
  2. Have a look for a Field Hospital, they have usually got a Royal Engineer who is a sparky attached to them.
  3. you sound an ideal candidate for the Royal Sigs but if you fancy a challenge, loads of fun with helicopters and real job satisfaction why not give the infantry a go. In my old unit our sigs platoon was made up mostly by blokes in BT
  4. I don't fancy hospital work, did loads of that in civvie life when i was working in london, i hate the places!

    Combat sigs?
    Who are the ones who build houses and schools on OP's?
  5. Sigs,

    unless there is a specialist RE group that would want you. If you have the necessary specialist skills you dont have to join the nearest TA unit.

    the nearest unit to me is Inf/Medics/Sigs but i joined the RE due to my Civvy quals.

    have a loom on the TA website for specialist units.
  6. that would be the Joint Civil Military co-operation Group


    they are looking for:

    Current specialist skills within the JCG include:

    Finance and Banking Public Utilities
    Engineering Media and Public Relations
    Policing Security Consultancy
    Education Human Resources and Training
    Logistics Information Technology
    Legal Services Medical Services
    Public Services and Administration Civil Defence
    Health and Safety Emergency Planning
  7. Spot on, would suit me PERFECTLY.

    Problem is, its 317miles away from my house.
  8. With out starting another threat on the same topic…. I wonder if any one can give me any advice on joining the TA and getting in to the Media Operations Group. I have been wanting to join the TA for a while, however, my Civvy Skills really only can contribute to this area. I really want to get involved but I feel that retaining me apposed to transferring my skills would be the more logical way forward; as it would be more beneficial to the TA and to me, saving Time and Money. Advice would be welcome….
  9. Sparky, I train with a specialist unit 400 miles away from my house....it's not always a barrier, some specialist units recruit nationally as a matter of policy, due to lack of available specialist skills. As always, the best advice is to phone up and ask them....they will be helpful. 81 sigs used to be exclusively BT guys, as far as I know.

    As far as Jt Cimic Gp is concerned, they need a high level of situational awareness due to often operating on the fringes of established mil ops...I think it's unlikely they would encourage applications from relatively inexperienced bods...again, phone them and ask them.

    Ria, I might be able to help with some advice, pm me if you're interested.


  10. And of course they will pay your travel expense.
  11. How do you accomplish the training? Is that a drive on the friday night for a weekend?

    As to the BT thing, unless its a complete prejudice against all non-BT employees, i should be ok as i understand most of the principles of the networks from a previous job, which was a lot of cabling and interface work with ex-BT guys!

    Days spent krone-ing multi-cores onto panels.....my knees still hurt!
  12. I think some of them have to take Thurs afternoon and Friday off. On the plus side their are very few weekends but if what I've heard is correct they only do MATTs training on the weekends.
    Camps appear to be mainly overseas including germany, Brunei, Iraq, Afghanistan etc
  13. Do you really want to do a job in the TA that's similar to your civvy job? I'm sure I'd be able to find something suited to my civvy qualifications somewhere or other within the army but that's not why I joined. Have a think about doing something different, you might enjoy it!
  14. I just feel that is my strongest Skill to offer