Specialist TA within a normal TA unit

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. Is it possible?

    The reason I ask is that I can't promise to turn up on XYZ weekend without pulling at the last minute due to work and that isn't going to stop for a year or so.
    I also need to think of my family and me, working hard and TAing hard is wearing me down. I reckon I need a TA lite year to recharge
  2. What like a mong inspector or something similar to oversee the TA?
  3. Only jocking Polar... before some TASH get their knickers in a twist.
  4. How about reduced commitment for the training year?? 8 day camp etc! Worth looking into!
  5. What about a leave of absence?
    Put in a letter through your CoC and have a couple of months off, just put in your letter when you want to stop attending and when you intend to start again.
    When combined with a short camp and minimal training commitment, this would be a relatively sensible compromise?

  6. ^Don't want to stop but I don't know how many days I can put in, should be alright though.
  7. Not saying stop, just saying take some time off to recharge, remember what your family looks like and regaining the enjoyment of being in the TA.

  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Chat with the OC. We have had several who have basically said "I will turn up when I can, but no promises". Usually students, and for fixed periods of time.

    As long as the communication is there, better to give someone a rest than lose them entirely.
  9. Got to agree with the Duke on this. If your unit is any good, they'll accept your reasons - one bloke here or there shouldn't create an insurmountable problem.

    In this scenario, a transfer to a Specialist Unit is probably not the best solution. Although the training commitment is less, the opportunities for training are correspondingly lower. The Specialist Units are organised to suit those who have less time available to train, relying on adjustment of civvy work rotas to allow training rather than those who have to cancel at short notice. If you miss a Specialist Unit training slot, you'll be more stuffed than if you miss an Independent Unit training period.

    Membership of a Specialist Unit relies heavily on your civvy organisation being adaptable to accommodate your military needs.
  10. thanks all, already planning to speak to OC.

    My situation is slightly odd, I could possibly use my normal job to get me a commission (in a specialist unit as a PQO) but I don't want to move units.
  11. I went wrong, had to take a time off from summer leave to chrimbo, and only told my ptn sargeant in the bar..so when i came back i was confronted with 'what the **** are you doing here ****?'.
    my fault though, shouldve had a word with the OC, dont make my mistakes!