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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by U_K_22, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Does anybody here have any information or first-hand knowledge on what it is like to combine both duties as being a Specialist TA Officer (most especially RMP in this case) with a career as a Police Officer?

    Is it feasible to combine both these jobs, or is in fact a positive thing in providing both bodies with greater professional knowledge and practice?

    Is it difficult to join as a Specialist Officer (via National Units) or in fact rather straight forward?

    I have read the official information, but would also value honest and frank comments and knowledge from those who know best - the good men and women of ARRSE :wink:
  2. I don't but the officers at your freindly local RMP(V) unit will. Get yourself down there and ponce a brew. Pound to a pinch half of them are civvie bill too. They are in West Brom anyway.
  3. A career in the TA and Civ Pol is both feasible and viable but depends on a number of factors. Firstly you and secondly your Force’s policy on the reserve forces. There are many Police officers in RMP(V) from Cpl to Major, how you fit things in is largely down to your commitment to the TA and the support you get from your force. From experience coming off shift at 2200 on a Friday night, driving 150 miles to meet up with your unit for exercise and then going back on shift on Sunday night can put most peoples commitment to the test. Juggling leave for training and family can also be a nightmare but every individual serving will have a different set of circumstances and a different way of coping.
    Joining is pretty straight forward for either type of TA unit although officer posts have a higher commitment and are thin on the ground. Most of the TA Officers I have met who are Civ Pol got there commissions following a few years as NCO’s. It is also quite common for PC/Sgt/Inspector X to turn up at a unit expecting a commission as they assume they are gods gift to policing and get the shock of being turned down when they fail the commissioning board.
    I concur with Strokers comments about 116. The recruiting SNCO is Civ Pol (Wilts I think) and at least two of the company officers (GMP and West Mids)
  4. If your looking for specialist (or national as its now known) then both the recruiting officers are/were civvie plod when they started.

    There are lots of serving plod/ex reg rmp in the national unit as they don't do any specific trade training in relation to law so have to bring the knowledge with them.